The Scene

Hour 4 – 9:00 AM


I’ve been a menace in my dreams.

I’ve heard the child’s loudest screams.

We take a vote one more time.

And slide on through to the other side.

Unrecognized in this frame of mind.

Where we’ve swallowed our demons,

and held on to our pride.

I’m elated to tell you I’ve found the truth.

Buried beneath all this money there’s the root.

The cause, it’s unconditional, it’s bearings are mute.

Disguised a society covered in soot,

barebacked, & left with no loot.

– J.C.  ©

Lack of Love

Hour 3 – 8:00 AM


If love was your friend, then where did he go.

I’ve loved many, but they too got old.

Your impressive with that hair.

That smile.

But you let me down every time I see you howl.

Your growl is mean, and your bite is harsh.

Your unintriguing to say the least.

But I’ll let the lack of love lay you to rest in peace.

– J.C.  ©

Near Dreams

Hour 2 – 7:00 AM 


A stirring of emotions

felt in the thick of my throat.

Where beneath your fear is a choice to make things clear.

When the option is left to you and your years are numbered.

You’ve got to make a choice on how you steer.

Remembering advice that was once so dear.

Let that propel you to your dreams, that are oh so near.

– J.C.  ©

Public Policy

Hour 1 – 6:00 AM 


What I have learned throughout the years.

A Poet’s worst nightmare is living here.

Where imagination is doubted and un-encouraged at best.

Where we both know; you and I whats next

That no test can determine the length of one’s success.

No enemy within so just give it rest.

The doubt that you speak is nothing less

Then your magnified failure putting me to the test.

You see in me what you couldn’t be.

Now that we both see it clearly

Have a drink on me.

– J.C.   ©


Hello Everybody!!

Hi there! I am very excited to be apart of this Poetry Marathon! I am going to complete the 24 hour marathon. I hope to compile an array of poems within this 24 hour period. Something for everyone to enjoy! I am a writer, I write lots of poetry and music. I am working on a fictional book and hope to have it published sometime in 2015. I encourage everyone to write, it is an awesome mental exercise! Feel free to check out some of my poetry and lyrics on

Stay Blessed!


– Jessica Cruz