24 poems

Morning sunshine how are you

24 hours through and through

I wrote a poem yesterday.. and a poem today

It’s not about what time it is..its about the characters in this play

Character fills the hours..each moment brings namaste

Time is the character greeting space

I no longer need a mirror to see my face

24 poems in just one single day

Have given me 24 new spirits with the power to fly away!

I am a bird..reborn soaring high

Next time I’ll be a snake with the same third eye



Heartbreak Town

I drifted away to what could have been my dreams…

Not even an hour later misunderstandings wake me up,

talking nonsense about a man I went to school with.

Like who is this?

I haven’t even thought of that guy since I don’t know when…

but it leads me back to a town filled with empty promises and broken dreams…

To a road where the Naval base lived too.

Took me back to my hometown…

I’m sorry, who are you? I haven’t been around.

That heartbreak town,

It misses me…

I don’t miss you.

Now, leave me be…

I’ve flown to a place where love is free!

In the arms of my desired destiny…

Whatever you want,

I don’t care,

my broken pieces…

I left them there.

Mount dream

Laying here with my exhaustion

I wonder if I have the energy to get up

I want to go sit under the sky until the bees come to work

I want to close my eyes and dream of a mountain

I wonder when I’ll sit under the sky on a mountain

I could dream of a treehouse made for you and me

I wonder what kind of tree we would pick to be

If I could go to sleep and choose where I go

I would visit mount Shasta all alone

Then when I wake up there you’ll be

The perfect mountain of a perfect dream

The messenger

I saw a spider right before I went to bed last night

And when I woke I thought of you

Went down to the pond to write with a view

I saw two men fishing in a boat afar

I wrote about seeds and their song

You showed up so big and bold

Took almost all day for your message to unfold

I now understand the patience I lack

And I have you to thank for that

To all the spiders I didn’t want to come back

Teach me your skills of creation

The way you weave through life with no hesitation

I see the fearless destination

Led by the web you spun

See through art connecting depths of the sun


I am that

That is the universe

Isn’t it infinite?

Breathing in that

And exhaling I

It is the connection

Like a spider web womb

I am that web

I am that

The reflection of my breath is sound

Sounds of the soul carrying me to myself

Telling me to be that

That breath of fresh air for all

So I am that

White Heath Aster

I turn to see your face,

I see you sleeping there with today’s hard work.

I think of this morning,

the wildflowers in the yard that grew so tall,

I think of the importance of it all.

The grass was so long,

it just needed to be cut,

but since we let it grow,

it gave the flowers a chance,

to blow in the wind like its final dance.

I see you sleeping with a depth to match yours,

I think of this morning,

the flowers you picked me aren’t just in a Mason jar,

they are in my daughter’s eyes as she lights up from the smell.

I think of the joys that come from not cutting the lawn,

the beauty in saving wildflowers from a “man-made” machine,

the beauty of it living longer in our home and spreading the scent of laughter in a child’s soul.

Easy as 1, 2, 3


Looks like the synonym of I am in a photograph

I am means a lot

Powerful words

I am human

I am everything

I am nothing

I am loved

I am the poet

I am the poem

I am crazy

I am peace

I am one

I am the a.m. in the morning

I am also poem 18 out of 24

I am the hour..all 24

I am the 1 in number 18

I am made from me

I am made from you

I am 1:23 in the morning writing in my journal

I am your voice in your universe

I am your pen to this page

I am the urge that gives you the faith

I am your life purpose

I am the simplicity of it all

I am following your heart

I am change..bring balance

I am starting over

I am today

The sunday tree

The sun will rise at 5:48am here

And then the moon will rise at 12:13am

Like the almanac of time

What is timekeeping?

Knowing today is Sunday

Having five limbs

Each one unique

One is the ending moment

The second is the ending moment of astarism

The third limb is the ending moment of the angular relationship

The fourth one extends to the ending moment of half of a tithi

The fifth branch creates the seven weekdays

The branches are like years

Cycles of sundays


Sacred Purr

Lily naps on my back as if shes my mother

Her nose ridged with unique patterns

Patterns that look like ancient Egypt

She protects me like Bastet protected the pharoah’s

My bast..my lily

like the daughter of Re

Your fur so pretty and orange

As if it’s the sun god

When I look at you I see the omnism

Your purr is like the sacred sound of the universe

Wise energy

When I close my eyes

Its never as dark as I expect

That’s what I get for having expectations

The auras beneath thy eyelids are indescribable

Light, dark, the mother of thee

Universal live light energy

Take my suppositions away from me

Your vast source of light plants harmony

Thank you for your blessings so purifying

Inventing words of wisdom and music to sing

Angel’s all around

Gifts of codes without a sound

So many to be found

Put my assumptions in the ground

Replace them with wings of faith to fly around

1 2 3