Cactus Songs

The rocks that fill my tumbler,

were meant for you and me,

I can’t help but wonder,

if we are meant to be,

the reminder of you,

is in everything,

no matter what I do,

in every song I sing,

I’m letting you go,

I will move along,

the cactus still grows,

as our love song.

The phantom of the future

Chasing a future that doesn’t exist,

letting memories tear me down,

the birds start chirping as daylight creeps on me,

another blissful heartbreak town,

here I am strong as ever,

nothing is as it seems,

reality is a blank slate,

made of sweet dreams.

Garden of dreaming

Every journey begins with the hope that burns within humanity,

seek yourself through your dreams,

embrace the power of each special day,

love yourself every step of the way,

we are secret gardens,

free of burdens.



She put on makeup and curled her hair,

wore a led zeppelin t-shirt,

kissed the moon without care,

feet planted straight in the dirt,

whispered magic melodies,

from Tennessee to Colorado,

houses built in trees,

in songs, we know,

she got a tattoo,

to fill the missing space,

don’t know what to do,

without his grace,

so she learned to love herself,

the way he never did,

bottled up on a shelf,

were the things they would forget,

to not remember,

she’s failing,

every September,

she’s sailing.


Boxes of love

The memories of fishing until the sun fades,

then as the moon rises high,

all those times we painted the town,

and watched the stormy sky,

the beautiful songs we’d sing so loud,

every rock that we handpicked,

soothing sounds of a rain cloud,

handmade fire pits,

endless roads to nowhere,

hand in hand,

handle memories with care,

be your best friend,

box the good times away,

keep them close to your heart,

true love does not fade,

It can sometimes drift apart.


Take my hand,

sit in the grass with me,

look at this magical moon,

shining down for us to see,

miraculous cures for my grief,

my heart is full,

time is a thief,

why so cruel?

Where did you go?

and tell me why,

come sit in the grass,

and look at the sky.




That wild terrifying rush of excitement right before you do something you’ve never done,

Like the first time you zipline,

Or swim in the ocean,

The first time you stand on top of a mountain,

The joy from the adrenaline is pure,

Once you experience something it’s never the same thrill as that first time,

Live for these moments that make your fears starve to death,

Face everything with confidence,

If it scares you then do it,

Take me to places I’ve never been,

What a lovely world we are living in!

Spirit Animals

I know you aren’t here with me,

but I feel your spirit is near,

flying like a bumblebee,

saying “please don’t fear”,

thank you for the message,

go set yourself free

you are a blessing,

so meant to be,

fly away, you beautiful soul.

take a piece of my heart,

never grow old,

we are art.

Go with it

You can’t fight change,

it’s like taking a woven basket and filling it with rain,

persistently being what it is,

carelessly disappearing at your fingertips,

this constant current pulling you in and letting you go,

it is much like the cuckoo clock,

a bird that moves with each note,

all things move forward,

we flow with the spiral of creation,

do not scuffle change,

go with the river of peace.





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