Farewell Panic

The sinuous trail of getting lost,

leads to mountains of lush orchestrations,

leave your t’s uncrossed,

get rid of rigid frustrations,

free your mind of litter,

liberty is here,

pulling the trigger,

release fear!


I can only imagine a winter day,

naked of verdure,

plants rooted in earth’s clay,

flowing with contour,

verdant eyes gazing,

the day I was born,

a love so amazing,

it stings like a thorn,

a colour between blue and yellow,

where the sun kisses the skies,

I run through green meadows,

every time I look in your eyes!

Running Water

Mold me into pottery,

use me to hold you,

letting me go is the lottery,

a burden-free brew,

do not contaminate me,

I will not resist,

running free,

we coexist,

the source within motion,

deeper than the sea,

pure transformation,

growing like a tree!

Living contemplatively

Rooted where I am,

I do not wonder,

unnecessary plans,

transform into thunder,

what a heartfelt rain cloud,

the dark-senses evaporate,

existing in utter independence is loud,

I dissolve hate,

this moment in time,

accumulates the past,

poems without rhyme,

become united at last!


Hello you beautiful poets. I am Jessica Leanne Gershon, mother of two beautiful girl scouts! I love painting and creating art in all mediums including poetry and music. Nature is my home. The mountains and ocean give me peace. I am a gardener and I enjoy traveling to places that aren’t crowded. I want to leave a piece of art or poetry everywhere I go and I believe it makes the world a better place! I’m a lover of Emily Dickinson, Shakespeare, and Edward Allen Poe.