#24!!!! We made it!!!

I gave it my all
I gave it my best
Been twenty four hours
Now I must rest
Good morning
Good night
Sweet dreams
Sleep tight

written by jklomax

First time for me in any kind of marathon……

Hello fellow poets….

The beginning is the best place to start, so here it goes……

Its just me~ Jennifer.  I am excited, petrified, nervous, and anxious all rolled in one tight knot about the upcoming marathon. I love writing, well trying to write. Some people have more faith in me than I do. Of course, we are all our own worst critics though, right?!? Through encouragement and support from my husband about my writing, I made a promise to take it more seriously, and I am trying to do just that. This marathon is a huge step out of my comfort zone, hope I do not disappoint.

Being that I am not use to being up 24 hours straight anymore, coffee will be my only friend when the sandman visits hubby. I am looking forward to the challenge and the privilege of reading others contributions.