Space to Give Credit (Hour 11)

Fourth grade school teacher corrected our work in green – color of hope.

Hope found fear in time, they duked it out – hope ended up winning.

Winning isn’t always about the prize, but it’s about knowing the process was a good one.

One time in D.C., I met a guy names James, he designs amazing landscapes now.

Now I am giving space to give credit to my parents – thank you!

You mean more than you know.



One Night’s Sleep (Hour 10)

Sleep is beautiful in and of itself,

then come along dreams.


fairy tale,

factious false truths,

famous television stars,

from that summer back in 1999

 – all wrapped up in one night’s sleep.



Genuine and Informative (Hour 8)

Layering the simple coffee date with war stories of the past,

seemed both genuine and informative.

Ring charm, enter uninvited touch.

Who said it wasn’t invited?

Certainly not he,

or she,

or they.



Worth the Glory (Hour 7)

Karaoke (on video) is worth the screen time;

he’s up – Brittney on the scene.

Motivation thick, ready………………go.


Walking on the boardwalk (next to the waves in Long Beach, NY) is worth the sneaker wear;

he’s ahead of me – naturally.

Motivation thick, ready…………….go.


Marco Polo (in the lake at the mountain house) is worth the body freeze;

he’s up – Marco gonna get Polo, again.

Motivation thick, ready…………….go.


Walking down that aisle (with my parents at my side) is worth the glory;

he’s ahead of me – as we rehearsed.

Motivation thick, steady………….go.




Oh, TV (Hour 6)

Your heart will remain full and unstressed.

Your closets, full of stuff – organized perfectly.

Your admirers, when you’re a young adult and still underage, will remain at bay.

Your brain will not malfunction and you won’t need to manage the process – every day.

Your life is going to be easy,

said no one.

Why did you expect differently?

Oh, TV.




Barely Visible (Hour 5)

Never liked the way you said “bye”

Always so arrogant and simultaneously breathtaking.

But you were you and the red flags were there,

Just barely visible to my closed eyes.

Tear wells – a go.

And now I’m sure it’s a go –


Nothing Made Sense (Hour 4)

Imagine nothing made sense to you anymore.

All that you knew to be true was false and vice versa.

How many homemade Nutella peanut butter cookies would you eat?

Definitely leaving my options open, but I’d down at least five.

Doesn’t seem like enough now that I consider nothing makes sense.

I’ll have one for me, and the rest of the batch for my love.

He, Who I Knew (Hour 3)

Rocking back and forth on the edge of a bed seemed childish and lacking patience,

Until I saw them all rocking through the doors, in the rooms to the west of mine.

Starting to understand why my world is not the only one,

He, who I knew, died while sleeping the night that I slept so well.

Until that next night came when the sun bowed out,

Sitting while rocking awake, thinking of He, who I knew.