You can’t fill my shoes_size mayebabo;
They say times suppose heal ya,
But I forgotten how to heal the time,
I failed myself.
I wanted to be a thug,
Academics was a myth,
Flesh full of Scars
Breezing through the banks,
Bank notes flashes before my eyes;
Success was another test;
War wounds for another Souls;
I felt no sorry, ain’t matter at all….

Tears fall till dawn shines the darkness,
How long will it take? No future legacy. it’s so painful

Sign and sealed

Dear respectable reader

Signed and sealed is the documentation so factual
To factorize my old physique and address the born again
Me in concord……

I was once a smuggler, time to let go,
I was once a tentacle for drug manipulator;
Possessive thought to destroy entire humanity;
Radical objective for my mission, never impossible;
Probabilities speaketh demolition,
However, the demands where harsh;
This hath divided me apart from my natural essence;
My tendency was indeed so daunting; I cry tears of discomfort,
No portion I left no pills unattended, indeed the pertinent so eruptional;
Die walking, illegal to my essence; I cry tears of grief;
Bear in mind, these noses were so stubborn, they kept on sniffing,
I was then called a dog (Slang), anathema is a metaphor;
Smoking my mind like a bullet gunning down a brain,
Indeed! Smoking like an engine lost its tappets permission,
Intake and exhaust kind of combination;
Paradise lost in camouflage; I was just an addiction to this proverb, I was feeling high and good every second; all is fading. I cry tears of peace