Finally just the verdict  I  needed

Badges are to be  accountable

Communities can  heal now

Guilty Guilty Guilty

And people sing, shout

Some angry  others  peace

For a better





They’re talking

They’re all talking

And there’s not enough



Now They’re looking at me

What do I do?

Should I say something?


They look away


Another conversation at a party avoided


Even a sense of rest

Seems terrifying


Everything all the time is too



And I end up on



Everyone and everything is back

After a year of being stuck

In the same spot

For what feels like forever

The storm has lifted




Just waiting to

Have air return to my lungs

As a continously exhale.




Long days in the rain

Make my eyes red

My hair puffy

My nose stuffy


Long days in the rain

Wakes me as the rain pelts my air conditioner

Makes me sleepy.

What to do on a weird day

When your day is weird

Eat a slice of pie,

He said


But I don’t have any pie,

I said


Take look at a book,

He said


But all words make me sleepy,

I said


Do something worth doing,

He said


But doing something isn’t something,

I said


Then what, he asked, do you do on a weird day?


I do, I said, something weird.


Lost (feat. Google Maps)

Newest way to get lost

1. Download Google Maps

2. Follow blue line

Walk 3 ft

Catch the 56 bus for 36 stops

(See neighborhoods)

Get off and walk 400ft to Blue line stop

Wait for the 126 bus

3. Look around for bus stop

4. Realize that the 126 doesn’t stop here

5. Call an uber or head back to original mode of transportation

6. Wonder why Google was so off

7. Arrive destination on your left

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