If I remember nothing else

About childhood it’s what happens

After my bedtime

The idea that I missed out

On some unknown world

Frustrated me

Now of course I count

The restless hours

I do sleep

And laugh

So long a child’s curiosity

25 hours and a hole

We pack the car

Sandwiches and all

I wave to my house

Before day fall

Every once in awhile

The littlest one wakes up

From a bump under the backseat


We only made 10 stops that day

4 bathroom breaks

3 to fill up the tank

2 to stretch our legs

And 1 by cops asking where we were


It takes 25 hours

And too many Disney movies

To see a hole in the ground

Afro’s Frame

My tight coiled hair fills the frame

Of an otherwise short existence

They tell me “heat. Add heat”

To straighten and elongate

What’s more they say it’s not enough

And so I add extra chemicals that burn


Good hair Bad hair White hair Black heir


The rain and humidity aggravates

My efforts to fit in to this tight box

My hair begins to shrivel

Outsiders laugh and gawk

Asking to touch what is not theirs

They think me eccentric


Good hair Bad hair White hair Black heir


All the posters all around straighten out

Can’t get me down

I take my tight coiled hair to shake

I watch it puff and expand and

Rightfully take command.

It’s natural. Treat it so. 100% mine


Good hair Bad hair White hair Black heir

Recipe for a Staycation

A reading nook

A Long book

Chill background music

A warm blanket

3 to 5 pillows

A rainy day (optional)

Cozy pet (optional)

Prepare reading nook. Add a warm blanket to get acclimated. Gradually place 3 to 5 pillows to your liking. Mix in chill background music throughout. If it suits you sprinkle in some rain and a pet to keep you company.



Investing the creative

Determination to fully

Extract the necessary

Actions accordingly

Intro Marathon 2020

So the time has come to write like we’re running out of time 🙃. Don’t ban me for my Hamilton references! I’m Jade writing from Chicago. This is my 3 or 4 marathron and I’m I’m excited. It’s great to be back and I wishing everyone a safe and hopefully relaxed success marathon.


We wonder
How quickly
The time goes
From infants to adults
First waddling to walking alone
From first days of school to graduation
We grew and grow
We change and morph
We get confused and understand
And at the end
When we walk away from all that is
We wonder


Looking at the Chicago Skyline
Hoping one day to be in one of those buildings
Walking along the sand I stare at the Wheel


Awaiting me
Trying to sprinkle
Pixie dust
To induce slumber


Sitting watching YouTube
Wondering how we have lost
The ability to talk
To each other