Every second I
Spend spreading
Pixie dust
Giving true words
Throughout the land
Smiling because
I’m follow the way of

Nervously Antics

The first day we met
I was in jeans with a Jimi Hendrix tee on
And I had garlic pizza for lunch
And I was quiet because I don’t like new people
And I had just finished my Math homework
And I was editing…no writing an article
And I sat at the end of the table hoping you wouldn’t talk to me
And I was listening to Toro y Moi
And I was squirming because I had to use the bathroom but didn’t want to walk pass you while you were in the doorway
And I, when you asked me my name, couldn’t remember it
And I almost got sick when we found out we had stuff in common
A day we met


We focused on
The tide coming in
Our hair being Douse
In rain
The house being a mess
Our ears ringing
In winter
The smell of plantains
Our hands holding books
In autumn
The sound of poetry
Our mouths shut
In readings
We focused
In readings
In autumn
In winter
In rain
To each other

Basement Tourneys

Remember how it
Was playing Smash Bros
As kids
In the basement
Eating pizza and drinking
Root beer

Good to see
Not all things change


What can I say
About the ideas that
Musing often make
An artist


As you rush
Already knowing what
To expect but
Trying not to expect the worst

There were no bells
No whistles
No way to have known
Expect to be present

No indication to say
Words that could’ve given

Just panic


We sit
Under a moonbow
Watching the trees sway
In the wind
The sand fills my shoes


Run the world

Even in his youth
He ran to the village
Where he invested
Yelling things not understood
Often venting about how little he knew
So he ran again endlessly to find
The world
Until it was his


We recall the days
When we were happy
How we used to play
In the sun
Chasing fireflies
At night
Beating the streetlights
How happy those day were


Take the time to
Tear down the
Self confidence

Wondering why
No one connects