borrowing laptops

My son Ash took laptop away from us to download a load of films, we fought to get it back. He tells us whatever we do don’t touch his downloads….I’m pretty sure I just closed his file before completion :0

Haiku 7

Connected, alone
Cosmos observing its self
Joined together, one

haiku 6

Complicated realms
Alternative lives exist
In death, out of death

haiku 5

So complex abroad
Bypasses Earth’s base science

Haiku 3

Unable to perceive
Blinded by three dimensions
Limits capacity

Haiku 2

Take both to the heart
Philosophy and Physics
For they are close twins


A nurse here, but a midwife in the other,
Married here, but single in the other,
Emigrated here, local in the other,
A doctor in the other, other,
Divorced in the other, other, other

Incarnated again in the other, other, other, other
Dreams trace essences of the other, other
Visions of her long lost brother in the other, other, other
Confusing her mind in the other, other, other, other

Existing simultaneously in all other, others
Her soul scoping irrational time in the other, others
Beyond immediate comprehension are the other, others
Until the ultimate departure from the other, others.


Born into an extended family,
Homes provided for all.
Reaping the sowed seeds of summer,
And turf for the new winter’s fall.

Unpaid, changing representatives,
Community hinging on good.
Universal healthcare and education,
Compassion taught as it should.

Beliefs based on strong ethics,
Flaws improved through teaching and prayer,
Some don’t believe it could happen,
Tell this to the American Natives,
Years ago they were already there!

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