Above resume hour 24 FIN

Hermetic Gifts

Do not fear, my love,
Vibrations energise us,
So above, below, they say.
Pleasure and pain are the same,
Polar scales, like your hot and cold.

Jacket EXTREME hour 21

Straight-jacket tied,
Secured to her bed behind glass walls.

Straight-jacket tied,
Secured to a chair in the doctor’s office.

Straight-jacket tied,
As he probes her mind whilst sniffing her hair.

Straight-jacket tied,
As he probes her mouth with his thick, analytical fingers.

Straight-jacket tied,
As he probes her breasts with his cool stethoscope.

Straight-jacket tied,
As he probes her soft insides,
Straight-jacket tied,
No one listens to a crazy person’s cries.



I’m kind of lost,
It’s late in the day,
Or night,
It’s all the same.

Groping about in the dark,
Feeling with hands,
Seeing with ears,
Vanished world.

I’m kind of lost,
It’s his touch alone,
Day or night,
He’s insane.

Groping at my body, meat,
Feeling with his flesh,
Seeing with his eyes,
Vanishing heart.

I’m kind of lost,
It’s his hand that guides,
Day or night,
His tongue.

Groping at my need, muted,
Feeling with icy fervour,
Seeing, that voyeur,
Vanishing speech.

I’m kind of lost,
It’s his tongue and eyes,
Day or night,
His organs.

Gouged out my eyes and tongue,
Feeling dependent on him,
Seeing no more,
Vanished soul.

The Hypnotist VERY EXTREME 19

An unusual creature dances,
Purple catsuit, two lengthy horns,
Stripping for her grim clients,
Monsters watching monsters,
Her feminine form,
She writhes lithely,
Squirms lively,

A hypnotist takes to the grave stage,
Music ceases, fleeting drum roll,
His eyes lock on hers, his act,
Audience waits, breath bated.
‘Continue stripping all,’
Instructions fall,
Clothes come off,

Black satin bra and panties thrown off,
Hypnotised she bares all, cheers rise.
‘Strip all,’ he hands her a knife,
She hacks her hair away,
Trims long eyelashes,
Shaves off eyebrows,
Chops nails,
‘Strip all,

Blade drags each shoulder, she peels arm skin,
Pulling off the dank sleeves of flesh,
Thighs cut, skin stockings pulled off,
Immune to her own screams,
The bloodied rags lay,
Crimson raw limbs,
Torso flayed,
Fave scalped.

Slash Her EXTREME 18

Blood was her art, daubing evil shapes with secret cuttings,
Escape from reality’s dreary troubles,
Sold well, well enough to move away,
Away to her dream of a cabin in the woods.

Maple-Pine, lost in the Appalachian mountains, attracts unwelcome tourists,
Ed and Emily smoke beneath the stars rousing evil’s wrath,
Kane’s wrath, the twisted monster scalps his guests,
For visitors are unwelcome in his guarded land.

Reluctantly the small town agent hands her the keys,
Suggests to Lyra that she should leave the cursed cabin,
A wilderness haunted by death. Lyra hates superstition,
Drives alone to her welcoming paradise.

Maple-Pine beckons and Lyra soon tires painting in blood from a dripping arm,
Asleep she falls on her new couch, deeply she sleeps,
Does not hear Kane’s entrance, he unsheathes his machete and raises it,
Her arm slings dripping scarlet juices on the wooden floor.

She stirs, Kane hesitates as never before, and draws the blade along her body,
Confused by the sight before him, man-beast reaches out and touches the wound,
Lyra wakes fearful, crawls back into the sofa’s refuge,
As he points the blade at her throat, eyes close.

He hesitates, steps back, steals away from her heaving chest and the thoughts it instills,
Scarred face, demonic eyes, the body of an ogre.
Lyra sensed his retreat and without hesitation runs for the door,
Immediately Kane pursues the fleeing deer, for the legend would have a witness.

Owls howl as clouds besmirch the moon limiting her view,
Car keys left inside, she escapes into the shelter of the swaying trees.
Kane knows his wilderness well, she cannot outsmart him, cannot escape,
The scent of her blood still fills him, the scent of his prey, he stalks on.

She loses her footing and slips in damp soil, dirtying herself,
Clarity strikes and she crawls beneath overgrowth, listening as he thunders close by.
Her scent, vulnerable form, lonely creature like Kane,
But also a threat that must be subdued, tears his absent heart in two.

As he closes in panic sets in and her breath screams,
His stomping is silent and she clambers out, looking for an escape,
Whilst trying to stand her throat is grabbed and body flung against a thick trunk,
Clouds dissipate and the moon glows on the single cries pearl that rolls down her face.

He taps the blade in his hand, as she presses her back into the bark,
Stealthily he paces towards her, blade aimed she tilts her head as he thrusts it.
Her eyes half close in relief, the blade pierces tree not her heart,
His mighty hand clasps her neck, unsure of himself he hesitates…

‘Save me,’ Lyra whispers,
A new warmth burning her face,
Trickling down the inside of her body.
Momentarily his grip tightens,
‘Save me,’ she whispers again.
Teeth bite her lip,
Her golden eyes meet his black pits,
Electric passes between them.

‘All I want is to escape the world,
Never to return.’

Mutual understanding, Kane’s compassion,
His mouth meets hers,
And with an ardent fury they join.

In the wilderness he pushes against her,
In the wilderness she unleashes his list,
In the wilderness he frees her body.

The strength of a giant lifts her,
Pulls one knee up against the trunk,
Enters her with his lust and drives into his prey,
Over and over.

In the wilderness they fuck,
In the wilderness they merge,
In the wilderness she flexes,
Need growing as he pulsates.

Until the passion can be held no longer,
And she tightens and grips as he fills her.

She does not resist when he lifts her spent body,
And sinks into his cradling arms, head buried in his shoulder,
Knowing that he will never let her leave.

The Closet EXTREME AGAIN hr 17

She does not know he is there,
Her monster hiding in the closet.
Does not see the glow of his silvery skin,
Nor the metal piercing his face.

She does not know he is there,
Watching as she strips, lays supine,
Pulsating weapon between her legs; her toy,
But he bides his time suffering her exquisite game.

She does not know he is there,
As her body shakes in response, soaked,
Her monster waits until she collapses,
And reveals his grand presence.

His human, owned for years, kept,
With strict rules to adhere to,
When he leaves for hell or purgatory,
Must wait for her master’s touch.

As he approaches she turns on her stomach.
Subserviently she bares her ass,
His hand cracks down on it hard,
Almost as hard as the bulge between his legs.

She endures five further punishments,
Her monster rolls her on her back,
Thrusting deeply, her legs raised to his broad shoulders,
Her wet warmth entices him, as does her continued defiance.

His human’s lips swell as his hand clasps her neck,
Hell’s victims are a poor substitute for his willing slave,
As she dizzies he lowers her hips, driving up against her,
Her eyes meet his imploringly, and a nod of approval permits her to cum in tandem with his anticipated release.

The Vampire’s Captive VERY EXTREME CONTENT hour 16

The vampire’s captive, Rob’s captive,
Purchased on the streets by the manservant,
Manacled in the mansion’s lowest cell, living food.
Initially seduced by the immortal’s prowess she submitted.
The feeding frenzy grew in ferocity, unless another plaything caught his eye.
Anna grew weary and worn, barely cared for by the manservant,
She tried to overpower him, attempting to escape,
But her weak form failed.

At length the furious footsteps came!

Anna startled as the door burst open,
Weary and frustrated by her captor the words rolled from her trying tongue,
‘You are nothing. You’re not a god, you’re not human.’
Rob drew his hand back and swept it across her weakened face,
She let out a small laugh hoping for the release of death.
‘Do you desire to death Anna?’
He had to subdue his brazen slave.

There was a time when Anna believed that he offered eternal life,
She was nothing more than a prisoner,
She had been deceived.
The depths of his sadism soon surfaced,
His gentle pain free bites replaced by savage cuts,
An object for his pleasure.

The feelings of adoration and admiration faded,
But the crafty vampire sensed they were not entirely diminished.
He lowered his gaze,
Caressed her face and hair.
Sensing confusion the monster looked into her vulnerable eyes,
Willed her to surrender once again.

His lips kissed hers,
She responded as the dimming spark within her rekindled into a full flame.
Her belly tingled and she allowed her mouth to take in his tongue.
Rob’s need for satisfaction ready to be truly fulfilled,
He pulled her hair easing her head onto the pillow.

Her legs parted submissively as he climbed on top of her,
His teeth sank into her lip and he tasted the blood.
Rob ran a line of kisses from her mouth down the arch of her neck to her breasts and back again.
Anna’s well of excitement grew,
She let his tongue slip into her mouth and he invited her tongue back into his.

The spell shattered like shards of glass.

A sharp sensation seared as her mouth filled with blood,
Eyes widened and she released a woeful shriek,
Deep crimson fluid streaked out between the crushing of their mouths.
His teeth bore down onto her tongue,
Sharp, stinging, throbbing,
Her body arched in fight.
Easily able to overpower her frail frame, he enjoyed her luscious struggles.

The vampire bit harder and his eyes rolled back in ecstasy,
Blood soaked his mouth.
He twisted her tongue,
Piercing it over and over.
Finally with one deep grasp he ripped the organ from her mouth,
Feeding on the exquisite fluid.
His acidic saliva scalded the bleeding wound,
Cruelly he abandoned her in her wretchedness,
Mourning on soiled sheets.

Isis’ Sacrifice Extreme hour 15

The sacrifice was ready,
She had been anointed and wore the garments of the virgin.
Mambo, Priestess of the cult of Isis, led her into the darkness outside.

Cult members waited,
Prayers of evolved into chants and hollering.
Aneeka, the sacrifice, had prepared for this since the coming of her blood.

One sacrifice offered to Isis each solstice,
An honor, assurance of local prosperity

Three priests waited in the Copse of palm trees,
As the evening tide hummed against the shore.
Between them sat a gold encrusted chair; their sacrifice’s chariot.

Raised and carried through the enraptured crowd to the stake,
Aneeka secretly prayed for a reprieve.
Prayers unanswered,
She was raised and duly chained in preparation for her rite of passage.

The crowd fell silent as Mambo dropped to her knees before the offering,
Priest Samedi parted the sea of worshipers riding aloft on horseback.
Halting the mare at Mambo’s feet caused Mambo’s eyes to roll back, chanting feverishly.

Three priestesses carried flaming torches to Aneeka’s tethered body,
Crushed white bone dust fell from Samedi’s hand,
And he dusted Aneeka’s eyes.
The torches flickered and burned out.

A silhouette manifested in the moonlit path;
A goddess clad in a huge ivory gown embroidered with red and gold,
Her lashes blackened and voluminous,
Her lips scarlet and her neck strapped with gold.

Eyes lowered,
The graceful, terrifying creature drifted to her sacrifice.
She halted in front of her offering and with elongated talons stroked the girl’s youthful cheeks.
With a willful glance the shackles fell,
Sharpened nails reached down to the girl’s neck and made an incision,
Aneeka whimpered.
A stream of blood ran down her throat staining the lace that secured her bosom.

Isis licked the warm fluid,
Sank her teeth into the cut sucking at the life force.
Aneeka’s youthful skin shriveled and dried,
Deep wrinkles formed,
Her eyes sucked back into her skull,
Her body withered.

All went black, eclipsed by a dismal gloom,
The moon fought back as Isis and Aneeka faded into the night.

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