Hello runners

Just logged on and booted my family off of my WIFI as they had their gizmos on all of my spaces. I have the group open FB open and the dashboard open. I am just waiting for office to open. It seems to be dithering. Good luck everyone, and if in 16 hours you are tired remember don’t give up. We are all in the same boat. As the Joker says

borrowing laptops

My son Ash took laptop away from us to download a load of films, we fought to get it back. He tells us whatever we do don’t touch his downloads….I’m pretty sure I just closed his file before completion :0

Haiku 7

Connected, alone
Cosmos observing its self
Joined together, one

haiku 6

Complicated realms
Alternative lives exist
In death, out of death

haiku 5

So complex abroad
Bypasses Earth’s base science

Haiku 3

Unable to perceive
Blinded by three dimensions
Limits capacity

Haiku 2

Take both to the heart
Philosophy and Physics
For they are close twins

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