Hour 24 – Mountain of Hope

Precariously trailing the crest of the mountain
seeking relief in the canyon below
darkness calling, caressing my sadness 
silence delivering a salve to my soul

The mountain and I together embrace
the ails of the world that won't mend
love, respect, tolerance have been erased
replaced by hatred, greed, disgrace...

Suffering losses beyond measure
the mountain has witnessed a lifetime
of nature's abuse and lost treasure
if human the suffering would be a crime

Sadness swells and the earth starts to shudder
tears from heaven fall upon my face
a loud voice climbs up the canyon
its sonorous notes the silence replaces

Please do not lay down your sword
fight for the land, the sky, the ocean, and all
your trying alone gives us hope
you must return home and answer the call

Hour 23 – Together

Beside the water where fishes live
I sit and dream about the day
that children and fishes together
at the bottom of the river can play

I dream of the moments I can soar
with the ravens and eagles,
starlings and more
high above this fertile earth

Ants will show me their tunnels below
where families together build a home
and bees will guide me to their hive
teach me how to build a comb

Elk and moose, deer and bear
take me to sacred spaces 
where babies are born and share
the lands where the elders go to rest

I dream of the day when we will be one
in love, acceptance, understanding and compassion
as we respect the earth, moon and sun
growing in knowledge and inspiration

Hour 22 – XX seeks YY and Pizza

XX seeks YY seeking XX
in a world where letters are confusing and deceptive
XX desires YY who knows his heart,
speaks his truth, and is perceptive

XX enjoys gentle hikes
sunrises and sunsets
lounging on weekends
and passionate kisses

XX seeks YY who enjoys the same
wants to share passions, explore new things
doesn’t mind family night with games
and is looking for XX like me

XX promises to share cooking and cleaning
overcome her insecurities
bring to life a newly shared meaning
to share her soul, dark and light

XX seeks YY who is ready
and open to the relationship dance
you bring the pizza, I the cheese
XX and YY – give it a chance

Hour 21 – Stop Running

Running round and round in circles
meeting all the needs
and wants and things
she never can succeed
Years of running pass
with more needs unmet
as time elapsed
never can she succeed
Surrender came when she
believed that hers
were all the needs to heed
nevermore would she be running

Hour 18 – Toys in the Attic

In the attic there is a door
old and wooden
with cracks and gaps
leave alone cautioned the woman

But curious minds need to explore
wondering what thing must be avoided
listening with ear to the door
screams and scratches could be heard
Bolting away from that place
mind wandering about the things
that may be murdering in that space
quickly departing down the stairs
Days went by and waiting no more
returned to the attic
with the old wooden door
trembling hands upon the handle
With door opened just a sliver
screams and scratches and flashing lights
the curious child started to shiver
words of the woman resounded
A year passed and the child grew older
remembered the attic with the old wooden door
returned to that space now he was bolder
and threw open the door with bat in hand
Covered in dust he found the culprit
an old wooden chair rocking against a child’s toy
blown by breeze flying through the attic
disturbing the treasures saved for the boy

Hour 20 – Bladder control

Your callings in the darkness of night
leave me exhausted and sore
yet if I ignore, I will pay
with puddle and piles to clean in the morn

Your bladder, they say, is fine
no tummy troubles are found
you just like to pee all the time
so rise I will to keep you still

Hour 19 – You know, that thing

That thing that hangs on the wall
jumbled thoughts, inspiration
is where ideas I do scrawl
to organize as I sit to write

On that machine with the buttons
that make up the words
that roll up into stories
of heroes, the ordinary and the nerds

To be read on pages bound together
or scrolled on screens
or listened to, whatever
on that little device you hold to your ear

Hour 17 – Kaleidoscope pair

Reflective playground of relationship

You falter in yellow I recover in green

I shed tears in orange You feel joy in blue

You gain insights in purple while I hold space for you

Hour 16 – OR 16

Scalpel in steady hand
from shoulder to rib you scribe
skin and muscle exposed
to save the young girl's life

Ribs, you must pry apart
steady hands open them wide
exposed will be the heart
its defects you will heed

Repair the hole
tie off the vessel
reverse the order
and bandage her gentle

Hour 15 – Narcissist at the altar

Standing tall at the alter
smile pasted on, eyes misty
groomed and polished
attending all social niceties

Mind chatter buffered
incapable of feeling love
giving love despite effort
I am defective

Promises made and partially intended
trying to avoid harm
but we will be upended
because I am defective

My backdoors are found in others
who fawn and dote
and of course there's mother
because I am defective


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