Old fashioned love


blinding and all encompassing.


uncomfortable laughter ensues.


You are too cute.

You are too wild.

I hate your curves.

I hate your smile.


How humorous your sweet looks are.

How humorous your accent.

You try and melt my steadfast heart.

You try and take over my soul.


I’ll let you time again,¬†for I love you always and forever.

I’ll never hate you never.

The woods

My guide had left, I walked alone,

deeper into a great unknown.

Trodden a road less traveled,

filled with overgrown obstacles.


I came upon a snowy clearing,

having no idea what I was nearing.

I walked up to the single lone pine,

in the center of a step incline.


As my steps crunched in the snow,

I stated in awe of an afterglow.

A specter appeared before my eyes,

yet I did not run and hide.


For this man I knew all too well, he was Robert Frost as close as I could tell.

Returning love

And the sky seemed to clear for you and I.


Days before with dark clouds above,

I searched for the one I love.

Though crystal mountains and glass halls,

could never reveal her at all.


The people that I spoke with were transparent as well

Each attempting to hide their empty shell.

And though the truth was glaringly obvious.

They all seemed oblivious.


And the rain fell,

fresh and cooling

And the rain fell,

soft and soothing.


Inside they flew,

those empty few.

Filling emptiness with nothing,

escaping but still suffering.


As soon as the last had hidden,

the sky cleared unbidden.

And in the wake of this new day,

my love returned without delay.

Fire insurance

The rumour spread through the city like wildfire.*

Rising up fresh with each new breath of gossip.

Fighting to stay afloat as it soared over the heads of each monger.

And with each recitation it grew in size and strength.


Then the city collected the insurance money.



* line taken from The Truth: by Terry Pratchett.

Cat haiku

I put my seat belt on,

Expect the unexpected.

Cats chase sticks as well.

My creations

Kept secret and safe.

Written down for all time.

The tomes of ideas are all mine.


I will protect what I create.

Sestina sex

Feel my gentle caress,

my fingertips of lust.

As you slowly undress,

I could nearly combust.

Teasing what I obsess,

making your body thrust.


Yet as your hips thrust,

to this tender caress.

I feel your heart combust,

stopping your undress.

Now your eyes filled with lust,

it’s you who now obsess.


Yet why should you obsess?

I have yet to thrust.

Deep into that velvet caress,

over and over till I combust.

So continue your slow undress,

become overwhelmed with lust.


My pride rises the peak of my lust.

I see your eyes widen and obsess,

in anticpation of my thrust.

Instead I tease with sweet caress,

and smile as you almost combust,

another pause in your undress.


Your dress slips down revealing what’s left to undress.

My heart filled with lust,

I slip my fingers between and slowly caress.

I feel you smile, shudder, and thrust.

Oh yes, do obsess,

till I let you combust.


No you may not combust.

Not till you undress.

Those pout lips filled with lust,

attempting to make me obsess.

Yet I control your wanton thrust,

with this simple caress.


Softly I continue to caress, and again nearly you combust.

I feel the wet heat of your lust, as you hurry to undress.

Your eyes fixated and obsess, as i begin to thrust.

For my Lucy

No matter what I say or do.

Remember always, that I love you.

Doesn’t matter which road I travel.

Every path leads back to you.


Its in those dark nights inside my head.

When nothings between me and this dread.

I’m alone and cannot be found.

It’s you who brings me back to solid ground.

You light the ways deep inside.

You remind me I’m alive.


While I made some mistakes.

But I’ll never stop trying

Because without you baby.

I’m not living, I’m dying.


No matter what I say or do.

Remember always, that I love you.

Doesn’t matter which road I travel.

Every path leads back to you.


I love you always and forever wife.

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