I Think We’re Alone Now

Didn’t you hear?
The world is ending.
Humans lost the race
against the Gods, again.
They’re the hare
with the exception
of us two tortoises.
As the inferno consumes
the rest of them
let’s lie on the grass
gaze upon the burning sky
and look for shapes in the clouds of fire.
Relinquish our ties
their destruction is our creation.

We’re Adam and Eve
with no drawback to temptation.
Roam the continents
and claim them as ours
there’s no one to dispute.
I’ll rename the lands old bands
Greenland is Greenday
Though, America and Asia can stay.
You can renovate the landmarks
carve our faces onto Rushmore
straighten the Leaning Tower.
We don’t need to give in
to Ozymandian sentiments.
The war did that already.

Look on our Works, ye Mighty, and despair!
Nothing can touch us here.

Burnham Park

I ride the one with
three wheels.
I am not brave enough
for the two.
Please stay near
and don’t let me fall.
Can we get taho
from that guy over there?
I have change
from my birthday.
Uncle Rie can we
row on the bird boats
on the pond?
They’re ducks?
Those are a type
of bird too.


Polar winds scarcely hit the polar bear.
This is no time for hibernation.
In the palest of the winter
the abode still melts.
Clinging to life
on a shrinking island
no longer does its hairy frame
disappear against the white ice
but rather contrasts the aqua waters.
Can they see him now?
Those idiots in suits and ties
who play God.
They pay no care
for in the growing warmth
they lavish, play golf.
For the Northern being,
it is a sentence to death.

Last Dance

We have until the night is over
and words waste our last breaths.
First love never lingers long
it succumbs to an early death.
This ballad marks the future
that has committed theft.
Lights circle the walls
reminding us of minutes left.
Pull your body close to mine
feel the harmonic motion.
Hand on my back, lean in and
give your final devotions.
We have shared bruises
beaten by the sandman’s hands.
Why I had to go I’ll spend forever
trying to understand.
We have until the night is over
to do so as we wish.
So with seconds left
I plant a kiss
as my parting gift.

Our Lonely Betters

(In response to W.H. Auden’s Their Lonely Betters)

Words are for those with promises to keep.
Our forte of language causes us to weep
We create worlds and homes built from letters
Between us and the wild, our lonely betters.

We are the only who can grasp the fragile time
We can find love through an internal rhyme
And make art from the romanticization of dying
If we said we would trade this for silence we’d be lying.

Yet I see the flowers who are naturally mated
No fuss and words and neither have waited.
Only if the bees who spread the pollen knew
What troubles from the search of love can put you through.

I envy the natural serenade of the birds
They give us songs that need not words
A whim of their own, it’s how they are made
We’re missing the message in our lonely shade.

Dear Time

I need you now more than ever
the sphere that spins below my feet
is unforgiving
The sun that awakens and sleeps
travels faster each cycle
And there’s never a moment
when we‘re together
where the leaves don’t evolve
into another shade

Take me in your arms
and whisk me away
to a slow world
I want to be able to feel you, finally
with no ounce of urgency
or hurried manner
Just you and I
while eternal sunshine
protects us from the seasons.

Flower Girl

may i never blink when she’s here for the season
my flower girl blooms and i lose touch with all reason
i endure december rain and the dreaded january blues
just to see you again babe, you and all your hues
suffocate me with your petals i think i’ll be okay
you be the predator i’ll be the prey
your scent hangs like loose threads all pull and no push
i pluck it and your fragrance demands me to hush
i’m in your web of color
poison ivy
kill me with a kiss
but won’t you do it nicely
i’m fine ebbing in the springtime
as i know this is where you flow
i’ll lay in the garden bed with you forever
feeling the wind above us blow

Where do we go from here

life begins beyond the edge of the map
so I pack up my bones
take my bags out the trunk
and walk towards uncharted territory

these brazen plains beg me
to use the remains of yesterday
and plant something new here
but I plop my baggage down instead
and lie to face the sky

I’ve been on my feet too long

The Big Bang

I think we were alive before life itself existed.
All-embracing as Nothing
minute as Everything.
This black breadth is the blanket
of which all lies and truth hide under.

No perception mattered
to see, to hear, to smell, to taste, to touch
and all other ways to sense
could never disturb us.
We felt it all, unaffected.

Time cannot touch us here
we are eternal gods
swimming in the milky primordial void.
Our waltz was peaceful
as a sleeping baby, incapable of abstractions

and as graceful than
a seraph in any dimension.
When we ceased to be
we exploded and flung
to opposite sides of infinity.

But at least we created something beautiful.

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