I sit in the woods

Far away from the noise

And busyness of civilization


The breeze blows past me

Softly touching me as it passes

My hair moves and settles


The sounds of birds singing

Animals scampering

And water as it trickles slowly


The warmth of the sun

Shines through the canopy

Casting a shadow of lace


The smell of musky wetness

As the leaves from last fall

Carpet the floor


I close my eyes and take it all in

The smells, the sounds, the peace

As I worship here


In my sanctuary


Windows Down

Widows Down


The summer air is full

The warm fresh smell of grass

As it shoots from the mower


Honeysuckle reaching for the sun

Sending the light sweetness

Beckoning the bees for the feasting


The whiff of chlorine as I pass the town pool

The bubbles of children’s laughter

Float through the air to my ears


The exhaust of an old car

Causes me to cough

As their music blares


The essence of skunk

On a hot summer’s night

Transcends me to the childhood station wagon


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