hour 24 prompt 24 sleep

It’s been such a long day I need some rest, my thoughts are mangled and my eyes are heavy

I hit my bed so cosy so warm, l fluff my pillow to lay my head on, maybe I will dream, with hopes it’s not deadly

I’m asleep Im at pece and at rest

This is time of day is the one I like best

The pressure is off the light switch is too

The aches and pains when I sleep are this is so true

The best part about sleeping is I get to snuggle with you in my arms

Now let’s get some sleep because it won’t be long until we hear the alarms




hour 23 prompt 23

I just can’t do it is all that I say

This doubt that I feel is here to stay

Everyone says don’t put yourself down if you try then you can

When I do I fail miserably at it so why try I’m failure of a man

This self doubt it a cancer holding me back, sometime I feel like a laying on train tracks

How do I overcome this feeling inside when all is wrong and nothings right, I will try once again and see if it’s just effort that is all that lacks

If I succeed this feeling of doubt will be banished

It will change my thought process and for success  I will be famished



hour 22

I see you coming ringing the bell that distinctive sound as u pull up

The kids in the neighborhood all run out screaming ice cream ice cream as my child says can I have one with eyes of a pup

We walk up and there are flavors of plenty the kids love the taste cotton candy

Me on the other hand, I will just have soft serve, I can’t spoil my dinner after all the hard work my girlfriend would be angry

For a few minutes  you have brought joy to our day

The ice cream trucks gone let’s eat our our cones and then we can play

hour 21

The pressure is on and I’m almost there, I look up to the sky with that long lost stare

I’m seeking some guidance some help from above, I can’t get a response but this challenge I love

Now I’m back at it I’m slowly going nuts, failing at this is out of the question I can do this I will kick some Butts

There is no looking back it’s almost here victory I say and it’s all so near

I did it I’m done I’m finally done now I can relax and I have no more fear


hour 20

Out on the lake the water is still, I drop my line and patiently wait

I tug on the rod was that a bite? No just the bottom snagging my bait

I’m casting further this time just to see if out there maybe the fish may bite

Oh what is this quickly my rod bent 3 times now I creep up and tug hard on the pole, oh ya i got one and its an amazing fight

I did it I landed this massive fish oh boy be careful look at those teeth that fish is a pike

Well now I’m exhausted it’s time to go home so I will pack up and tape my rod to my bike

hour 19

To my daughter I write to say how I feel, I love you so much and that’s a big deal

Your dad is here to help you grow and teach you things like don’t hurt people and never steal

Your soft flowing hair to those cute little eyes you are my life you are my prize

I get upset when you dont listen but I tell you things so to the top one day you will rise

I will protect you and guide you I must show you the way

But for now let’s just cuddle and save that for another day

You are the inner happiness  that without I can’t do

Oh my sweet daughter I hope that you know how much daddy loves you

hour 18

On this road I drive, through the farmlands

I see all the farmers field that one has corn and that one has cows

A little further down is the chicken barns farm fresh eggs for sale says the sign

I drive a little further and there is the pick your own berry farm oh the memories as a child those strawberries  we would pick I would eat more than I put in the basket

There is the hard working farmers working the land to provide us with food

Tractors and combines hard at work as I drive down this road I think wow its hard to keep a farm going

Thank you Mr farmer for the foods you supply I can’t wait to get home and give some a try




hour 17

For give me father I beg of you

I left you there this is true

The nursing home I come to visit but in that wheel chair is not my dad

I look,I talk, I hold your hand, but with that blank stare you can’t remember the fun we had

You were a jack of all trades, and the world’s best provider

Now this disease has taken you away, no memories of anything I wish things looked brighter

Dear dad I’m sorry for the wrongs I have done, it wasn’t your fault when I did those bad things

My punishment is this watching you die, it tears me apart will it be today in my head that thought rings

Dad you are the greatest man that I know, a role model, a hard worker these values you’ve taught me

Well you need your rest and I must now go, but dad your the man I will always work harder to strive to be

I cry once I leave and slowly fall apart

I miss you and love you dad with all of my heart


hour 16

As night falls and all is calm, the air is cool the moon lights up the sky

Looking up gazing at the stars oh there’s the big dipper and now a shooting star quick make a wish

It’s getting cold now I think I will go inside till morning and the sky turns blue

So good night from me to you

hour 15 prompt 15 This chair

I was thinkling of you just now as I sit out front in you wicker chair

In this chair I feel your body up against  mine, I can see your delicate skin so soft to the touch

thoughts of you walking up with such a beautiful smile so happy to see me

Thoughts of talking with  you enjoying our time together

I can smell ur sweet scent as if I was holding you in a loving embrace caressing your face as I nibble on your neck

I see your hand rubbing my chest with your head on my shoulder with something on TV but we don’t care because we are so wrapped  up  in the moment and  each  other

All I want is these thoughts to see you smile at me, to see you want the affection, to see you express it, and I get all of that in this chair


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