hour 17

For give me father I beg of you

I left you there this is true

The nursing home I come to visit but in that wheel chair is not my dad

I look,I talk, I hold your hand, but with that blank stare you can’t remember the fun we had

You were a jack of all trades, and the world’s best provider

Now this disease has taken you away, no memories of anything I wish things looked brighter

Dear dad I’m sorry for the wrongs I have done, it wasn’t your fault when I did those bad things

My punishment is this watching you die, it tears me apart will it be today in my head that thought rings

Dad you are the greatest man that I know, a role model, a hard worker these values you’ve taught me

Well you need your rest and I must now go, but dad your the man I will always work harder to strive to be

I cry once I leave and slowly fall apart

I miss you and love you dad with all of my heart


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