Sleep is near

Sleep is near that’s all I know,  cause my body tells me so.

It won’t be long til time for bed, and there I will lay my little head.

I will dream of sweet things while I’m asleep, I’ll dream of snow cones, but not of sheep.

It won’t be long now til its time, then its back to all these rhymes.

The Ends of Things

The ends of things can be quite sad,

It means there is no more.

It means it’s all kaput,

No more open doors.

It means that all is said and done,

That is game is finally won.

It means there’s no more worries,

So slow down, what’s your hurry?

It’s finally over you can rest, there is no more to do.

The ends of things had run its course, it’s the end of you!


Friendship is a way of life, it happens for a reason.

It crosses all lines and is in every season.

It loves and cares, it hopes and shares.

It moves and dances, it gives second chances.

It hopes and dreams, it last forever it seems.

And even through goodbyes, the friendships never dies.


When your with family, nothing else matters,

When your with family, all fear seems to scatter!

Family helps to calm, love and heal.

They help to laugh, cry and deal.

They help us through the darkest hour and bring us to the light.

They are forever ours to be and they’re never out of sight!



Why must I wait on pizza?

Why does it take so long?

Why can’t it be faster?

From the places I order from.

I really want it now, I don’t want to wait,

Please hurry up, I’m really hungry and I don’t want to be late.



Summer is nice but really hot,

Whatever you drink does not hit the spot.

The temperature rises but the body does not want

to move from the cool air that it taunts.

From a window it looks so refreshing and then

the door opens and hot air enters again.

Once summer is over a new season calls,

it is my favorite, the season of Fall!


My grandson loves to play with slime,

It’s never been a friend of mine.

It’s gooey, sticky and yucky,

The color of it is very mucky.

He loves it though I don’t see why,

He even tried to make some,

My oh my!

Cans of Frosting

Cans of frosting I love to eat,

Just whenever I have a seat.

My favorite kind is milk chocolate

It just can’t be beat.

I eat it when I need something sweet

or sometimes when I’m bored,

It lasts a while and keeps me full

When people see they are floored.

I guess it seems weird or kinda crazy,

but it’s cheaper than candy bars and

helps me when my money is lazy.



I have a ton of goals running through my head,

I feel overwhelmed and would rather watch TV instead.

I always want more and am never content,

I push myself more and more, but it doesn’t seem to make a dent.

New goals come and then they go,

So many new things I want to know.

One day I may be fine and satisfied,

but just for now I’ll continue to strive.

Crime Shows

I love to watch the crime shows,

It’s so intense.

I like the guys in uniforms and who carry guns and badges,

It really makes no sense.

I live to watch it everyday or as much as I can,

To see the brain and braun of a good looking man.