Waiting on you

I would wait on you forever, if it means spending time together.

I would help you with your shoes, if there wouldn’t be time I’d lose.

I would help you comb your hair, if it meant I could always be there.

Waiting on you is more than a chore, it’s a feeling of love that I’ll never ignore.



Listening to music is magical,

It takes you many places.

It gets in your head

And is seen on many faces.

It bring back memories of olden times,

It’s the only way you remember the rhymes.

It helps to soothe and calm you,

It helps to rev and move you true.

Its great to hear and be taken back,

If you only listen!

Time Spent With You

Time spent with you is so hard,

most often we are not together.

our schedules are busy,

We just sometimes see each other never.

as you go older and me too,

i hope we have this time.

cause your my grown-up little baby,

and you always forever will be mine.


In the mornin’ I get up to face the day,

I never miss the time to pray.

It gives me time to just be still,

And just to be in his will.

To hear his sweet voice in my ear,

to listen and do and be what I hear.

I know each day he’ll be the same,

He never forgets to call my name.

He loves me and he seeks me out,

He makes sure I know what my life is all about!