The 2nd hour

If I had to do it all again, I wouldn’t change a thing.

Let’s be honest, the prize is in the challenge.

If every day there were strolls under the soft moonlight, intimate dancing under the stars and canoeing across the lake, what is there left to do?

Without the occasional “Get out!” or “I hate you!” this fairy-tale romance grows cold fast.

Tease me, love me, leave me.

I’ll do the same to you.

Make love, wake up, break up.

“Never again!”

Good morning.

The 1st hour

There in the distance, is it friend or foe?

Only time will tell and truth be known

My awkward stature and breathing apparatus

Hardly camouflage my foreign status

Small finned families continue on their merry ways

The subject draws near

Heart and mind gripped with fear

Peril and death are upon me

Yet eyes still saturated with the glory of the sea

Coral reefs, yellow, red, and orange imagery

Sunken treasures, curious creatures, and mysteries of the indigo dark

Magnificent, breathtaking, indescribable


Total Newbie

I posted my intro on FB several days ago. After reading the various posts from other participants I’m completely intimidated by this event but still determined to try. ¬†Clearly there’s more involved than I anticipated; from food planning to resource material to pre-planned ¬†one liners, I’m the least prepared of all. Too late to turn back now. I’m in this for the long haul – well the half at least!