Love…or is it??

So do you really love if you don’t long for, said the girl to the boy she loved her entire childhood. If you don’t have the will of being being someone how is this love. The boy smiled, and said how is this  not love what I want, I have thought just about free winds, smiling farms and a free air to live in all my life. Can love be done just with people,  and not a country,  can we just attempt to make a better person and not everyone living with us. How is this what I have for my country not love when what you have for me is just the same??


Being on the verge pushes you

To be the best or leave

To give your best or just give up

Being on the verge has that adrenaline

To just keep you going till you achieve

Better than just wishing be on the verge


Drizzling Memories

A leftoff memory being touched on

A gush of breeze crossed me

Scattered bits of the past reconciled

A piece of Me… felt myself again

As clouds paid homage today

As the drizzle touched my face

The smile that was lost somewhere

Found home today and I saw me again

Go your own way

Even if clouds of disappointment surrounds
Go your own way
Even if you cant find your way out
Go your own way
Even if everyone tells you not to
Go your own way
Even if nobody has been there
Go your own way

From where I see

As I sit by the window, I realise
How time has changed a lot
From where I once saw hills,
I now see tall buildings touching the sky
From where I once saw grass
I now see parking for the cars
From where I once saw clouds of rain
I now see clouds of dust and smoke
It feels like nature has suddenly become broke
And we are the ones who made it broke

The king of Jungle

When the mother lion gave birth to a cub
She pampered him in every possible way
She gave him food, shelder every passing day
Then the time came and she taught him to hunt
So he can do whatever he feels
She taught him that the jungle is his kingdom
But never failed to mention its his home too
Thats how she created the king of jungle
But also someone faithful to his home

Being Stuck

Being stuck sucks
Specially when you dont know what to do
You panic, you cry, you want fresh air
But all you get is disappointment
You oppose being unable to move
But you have to give up to the circumstances
You feel the walls are coming towards you
As if you will be crushed between them
You scream, you shout for help but everything is in vain
Being stuck sucks

Dear Husband

Dear husband
I may have told you a few times
How much I love you
But no amount of words
Can ever do justice to my feelings for you
The way your presence makes me blush
The warmth of you being near me
Is undescribable
I love u from all my heart and soul

A Journey to find yourself

In this journey
You may lose some people
But you will find better ones
The ones who trust you, believe in you
And know your worth
You maybe seen as someone arrogant
But know that what they call arrogance
Is nothing more than your self esteem
They may consider you selfish
But it is self love instead
And when you know you are right
Believe me your are halfway your journey of finding yourself

The Power of Now

In this busy life
Where everything is moving in fast forward
Where every person is out of breath
And we have become machines
Without emotions or feelings
All we need is to slow down
For what we have now would not last forever
So slow down look around and feel
And let yourself believe that where you are
Is the happiest place you can be
Feel the air touch you
The warmth of the light fill your heart
And you will feel THE POWER OF NOW