Hope (Poem 24)

A tree cut

A flower plucked

A seed sown

New life blooming soon

What goes

Comes back in some form or the other

Life goes on

World moves ahead

Nothing stop the flow of time

There’s only hope

That keeps us strong

The Perfectly Imperfect World (Poem 23)



Equal wages and opportunities

One or no religion

Gender equality

All sexual orientations accepted

Accessible and uniformed housing for all

Respect for all professions

Seems like the perfect world

Seems like an unachievable dream


Ours isn’t like that

It has its flaws

It has its imperfections

And yet it’s somehow

Perfectly imperfect



In response to text prompt number 23

What’s Your Topping? (Poem 22)





But mozzarella only please



But cherry only please

Bell peppers?


All and any colors please



Heartily sprinkled please


Um, maybe

But only fried ones

Cottage cheese?

Um, maybe?

But just a couple


Ugh, No!




Ugh, no!

And, there it is

My perfect yummilicious pizza





In response to text prompt number 22

Walk, Sprint, Run (Poem 21)





Huffing and puffing

Hardly stopping

Not realising the mind and body needs rest

Take a breath once in a while

Soften the pace maybe

Opt for a sprint

Or just walk a while

Instead of

Only running



In response to text pr

ompt number 21


Water First (Poem 20)



Best things in the world are free

And I’m glad one of them forms the first thing I do after waking up

Is it my morning adulation?


It’s drinking two glasses of water

That sets everything right

And as they say well begun is half done

This is how I ensure the next few hours go by smoothly



In response to text prompt number 20

Sunshine (Poem 19)


Sunshine in summer

Dry day

Humid weather


Sunshine in winter

Pleasant day

Respite from the cold


Sunshine in autumn

Matches the foliage

Eye candy for the soul


Sunshine in spring

Neither good nor bad

Better than one, bearable to step out






In response to image prompt number 19

Snatched (Poem 18)

Snatched (Poem 18


The raven’s eye looked terrified

It was in shock as the companion flew away

The flying stroke as if conveying to the onlooking bird

What I deserve

I must get

I’ve worked hard to earn it

And if someone tries to take it away from me

I’ll snatch it right away !






In response to image prompt number 18

Kaleidoscope (Poem 17)

One view

Many perspectives

The Kaleidoscope besides its beauty

Also teaches us

That looking in one direction

Not only offers different perspectives to different people

But also provides varied views

To a single person





Text prompt number 16: Write a poem either titled or centred around a ‘Kaleidoscope’.

It’s A Match (Poem 16)



The blue of the sky

Matching the blue of the wall

The mood seems to be blue too?

Saved by the others probably, Because like the sky,

The wall is a myriad of colors too!

It stays ‘Stay Funky’

Is it the sky’s message to the wall?

Is the wall saying it to the sky?

Are both of them teaching it to us?

It’s universal anyway

So let’s embrace it

And keep all the colours of our personality alive !




In response to image prompt number 16

It’s All About Her (Poem 15)




How is it

That we walked down the same aisle

But I came alone

And no one batted an eyelid

But when she came

There was a procession,

Everyone’s breaths hitched

I felt a slight twitch of jealousy

At all the grandeur

It was my day too after all

And then…

I saw her

The radiant smile

The waving out to the guests

The little dance she because why not?

We wore the same colours

Yet she looked better

Better than I’d ever seen her before

More beautiful than I’d ever had time to notice

That’s when I realised

No, today isn’t about both of us

It’s all about her

And always will be

And I didn’t mind anymore

My envy was replaced by fulfillment

That I was the one making her feel and look this way

That I was the reason behind her radiance

And I swore there and then

To always be that source

To always keep that radiance intact

To always make her feel this important





In response to text prompt number 15

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