Hour 17 (Marathon Prompt – write about an obsolete or soon to be obsolete form of technology)


Ink on paper soon could be

Obsolete technology


Daily news in paper form

May soon no longer be the norm


On a screen you’ll need to look

When you long to read a book


Cards and letters won’t come by mail

Best hope your internet won’t fail


Hour 16  (Marathon Prompt – write a poem about love without using the word love)


He trusts me, even when he fears for my well being

He compliments me, even when the dinner ends up in the trash or the new hair cut is just a little “iffy”

He helps me, even when he knows I should do it on my own and it means more work for him

He supports me when life gets in the way

He challenges me, knowing it might make me mad, but he knows I need that challenge

He gets me, even when he doesn’t fully understand and I would guess that is quite often

He is there for me in every way imaginable…..every hour, every day without fail, forever.  How could someone care so much, so deeply?

My hope is that he feels the same about me.





Hour 15 (a prompt from Write The Story book.  Mash up two classic fairy tales.  I’m starting to get a little punchy)




She headed out with her basket of goodies and treats

Some things for her dear sick grandmother to eat.


She hummed and she skipped down the path through the wood

Her basket in hand, wearing her bright red capped hood


Up ahead were two kids looking lost and alone

She felt she could help them, try to find their way home


Hansel & Gretel soon learned that Red’s basket was filled

Enough food for them all, they were happy, they were thrilled


Being lost made them hungry, would Red Riding Hood share

They could dine at her grandma’s, they were almost there


She agreed to oblige them upon their arrival

For she knew that nutrition is a key to survival


They hustled along til they spotted some trouble

An old witch and a wolf were crouched down in some rubble


They both started drooling, with lunch on their mind

The threesome could tell they might be in a bind


Whispering to one another, they figured a way

To reach Red’s dear grandmas without much delay


Up ahead was a house made of candy and sweets

Made to entice those three youngsters to stop in and eat


They knew it was part of the witches attack

To lure them in with her plentiful snacks


They’d end up as dinner for the evil old witch

Now was the time to feed her their pitch


They called out to the witch and they convincingly lied

About wanting to rest could they please come inside


The witch and the wolf yelled back, please be our guests

Come in and sit down and let us do the rest


The witch and the wolf ran ahead with delight

Never dreaming the threesome were ready to fight


The kettle on the fire was already a boil

Hansel very quietly reached for his foil


Gretel managed to pick up a hand full of sand

They watched for the signal from Red Riding Hood’s hand


They backed up the witch and the wolf with the foil

Blew the sand in their face and they fell in the boil


The deed had been done, they were free from that fate

They could head on to grandmas, before it got late


Red Riding Hood made Hansel and Gretel a vow

That she’d get them home some way, some how


Grandmas house soon was filled with good food and much laughter

And you know the rest……they lived happily after.























Hour 14 (a haiku)




Awesome volunteers

Giving their talent and time

We reap their kindness




A wrote a poem

Verse by verse.

The first lined sucked

The second was worse.


Could not connect

With a thought or a notion.

Maybe a drink from

My magical potion.


One drink leads to two

Before you know it, its four.

And you discover its hard

To type on the floor.


You jump in the shower

Hope to come to your senses.

And get back to writing

Using all the right tenses.



Now that we’re reaching

The thirteenth hour.

Out of nowhere I’m getting

A feeling of power.


I hope I can make it

Beyond last years’ time.

I think I can make it

If I stop with this rhyme.


And get back to attempting

Some quality prose.

And complete this great marathon

Cross your fingers, here goes!!


Hour 12 (Marathon Prompt – Pick a random book from the shelf.  Read the first line and the last line.  Pick one and use every word of that line somewhere in your poem.)

The Book:  A Million Little Pieces

First Line:  I wake to the drone of an airplane engine and the feeling of something warm dripping down my chin.




Airplane engine sputters, starts

Adrenaline rush soon fills our hearts.

Accelerated upward climb

Above the clouds in record time


Final instructions drone on and on

We’ll soon jump out and then be gone

I’m at the edge and looking down

It’s just white fluff, can’t see the ground


And the feeling of something going wrong

Which once was not, but now seems strong

I closed my eyes and felt a push

Plummeting down I felt a swoosh


My eyes now open staring up

To discover my chute was not hooked up

Desperately I tried to yell

I’m ‘bout to die…oh my what hell


Something warm came dripping down

As I came closer to the ground

I wake to find myself a fool

My chin was wet from sleeping drool


Just a dream, a nightmare really

Man oh man do I feel silly





Hour 11 (Marathon Prompt – write about a place, real or fictional, that you have never been. I am using the acrostic poem style)




K    Kindness found here day and night

I      Individuals see no need to fight

N    Never a disparaging word is spoken

D    Dreams are real here, no hearts broken

N     Nice and neighborly together we

E     Erase the hate and let peace be

S     Second nature for one, for all

S     Seize each day and heed its call


C   Cause when we act for the better good

O    Our lives seem happier as they should

R    Rewarded for our better ways

N    Nurtured in us every day

E    Equality reigns and love’s no foreigner

R    Replenish your soul at Kindness Corner




Hour 10 (Marathon Prompt – listen to the song Moon Shadow by Cat Stevens and start writing as soon as the song is over.  Some of you know, maybe not all of you, that we have a dog that we named Cat Stevens.  Second ironic twist of the day!!)


Our Cat Stevens


You came to us humbled and blessed

Rescued by Shauna and readied for your new home.

“Did it take long to find me, I asked the faithful light.”


Out of the Christmas box you popped

Greeting your new family

Unique spots, cuddly fur, and puppy breath!


Like a moon shadow, your towered over Charlie

But he would not relinquish his dominance.

You would always be second while he was around.

“But I won’t moan, and I won’t beg.”


For those who are grateful, the journey is a kinder reward.  Let us learn from them.





The heat of midday faded

as the brilliant summer sun

settled below the tree line.


Strange seemed the firefly

who earlier zoomed about the cottage

now looking lethargic and spent.


Had he succumbed from the heat of the day

or did he drink too much of the sweet nectar

thick like porridge, placed about in bottles

for our visiting hummingbirds?


Masked in his gluttony

his attempt to entertain us with dance and flight

landed him in the campfire.





(Disclaimer:  I performed as Lolly the Clown for over 20 years.  My friend Kim said this would be a good topic to write about.  Oddly enough today, our neighbor gave my husband a ceramic clown to give to me.  His wife had collected them when she was living.  When the universe gives you a sign, you gotta’ go with it!  So humor me on this one……lots of silliness!)


The assignment from Mr. Daniels

Seemed like a daunting feat.

To write about our futures

He thought it might be neat.


But we were barely teenagers

Voices changing, pimples too.

Oh what was I to write about

I didn’t have a clue.


Writing something colorful

Would fill up pages fast

I thought and thought and thought so more

An idea had came at last.


I would write about a professional

That once a year would come to town

As a performer in the circus….that’s right

I am going to be a clown!!


I wrote about my floppy shoes,

And whoopee cushions too.

I wrote about my big red nose

And all the magic I would do.


The words were flowing easily

Each page was quickly filled.

Before I knew it, I was done

Which had me really thrilled.


I kept the paper, got an A

Then years later down the road.

I found the paper, and thought about

This seed I must have sowed.


I took a class at OSU

Clowning 101.

Needless to say, a lot of play

I really had some fun.


I learned some tricks and make-up skills

And how to twist balloons.

Learned all about the types of clowns

From white face to ole buffoons.


Created costumes, bought a wig

Purple was my shade.

When all the work was said and done

I liked what I had made.


Never thought a class assignment

Would impact my life for years.

Lolly the Clown had come to town

Bringing laughter and sometimes tears.


Though my floppy shoes and sponge ball nose

Are now all packed away.

Lolly will be, a part of me

Until my dying day.


On a side note:  I decided to be buried in my clown make up so it will be easier for the funeral home to get the make up right!!







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