Johnny D The Man For Me




J  Joking, and joyful a Jedi at heart

O Ornary by nature

H Honest old fart.

N Never nasty or negative

N Nice to a tee

Y Youthfully yummy

D Damn lucky me!


M’s M and M’s and M (or Marci’s M & M’s and More…..or Mouse!)

M’s M & M’s & M?


Marci had a sweet candy dispenser

Eating chocolate made her feel less tenser

She filled it with M & M’s

For herself and friends

And occasionally some for her sister.


Till one day when Clayton stopped by

Marci offered a snack he could try

Thought the chocolate looked dandy

He refused all the candy

Leaving Marci wondering why.


He gagged and he started to choke

As he pointed to the furry bloke

That had managed to climb in

And proceeded to dine in

On chocolate pieces with colorful coats.


It’s an obvious conclusion to say

The dispenser was emptied that day

Along with that mouse

One greedy fat louse

And some M & M’s to eat on his way.





When the morning calls me to start my day

And I find my desk full of work and woe

I know that across the stone covered way

Sweet Bud and Rosie are saying hello.


I find that their spirts will comfort me

Through the beautiful setting where they lay

I know they watch me and they’ll always be

Around to chat silently ‘bout my day.


The trees around Hampton cradle their hearts

While sunsets sing many great memories

Of the times we shared before they did part

Their presence tagging along with the breeze.


Cherished and loved and now missed by their kin

Visit dear spirits till we meet again.


Brother Dear


He was the first to join me in the ranks of sibling hood

Two years my junior, we shared holidays and suckers

We nurtured the two that came after and showed them

The ways of the world of brothers and sisters.


As teens we tolerated each other which was par for the course

He had his interests, I had mine.

“Your brother’s the one with the fro” they’d say

That was him, the only white boy at school with a fro

I guess he realized if he showed up in high school with those tight little pin curls

He was born with, they’d probably kick his ass or give him swirlys daily

He changed to survive.


His announcement to go to college was met with some skepticism by the family

Mostly due to the fact he nearly flunked out of school

But he showed us, he showed us all what he was made of, what he could do


Honored for his achievements at halftime at “The Shoe”, he almost didn’t go

He loved what he did, how could that be so special.  He was the one that was special.


Things became hard for him and harder still.  He tried hard to fight anyway he knew how.

But it wasn’t enough, even with help, it just wasn’t enough. We rallied around him, remembering the times of ole, the holidays, the hair, the love hidden under all of the typical sibling bullshit.


We stayed with him days and nights until the call came that he had taken his last breath, peacefully, alone and on his own terms.  There would be no more hard times, no more changing to fit in…….and no more Bob.


Miss you brother!



The Land Knows You, Even When You Are Lost

The land knows you, even when you are lost.

It remembers your first steps and cushioned your fall

It guided you to cool waters on a warm day as you dipped your toes in

And pointed you to the bluest skies when your kite wished to soar.


It shared its pathways when the hard times sent you to wander

And when the calling of nature’s beauty beckoned you to explore.


When life’s ever-changing ways were confusing

It boasted its resiliency to change and kept you strong and determined

Just as the trees blossom and brown and blossom once more.


When your lost, reach out to the land, it knows you, it’s been with you

It will comfort you, guide you and always be a reminder

That you are of the earth, they sky, the land; always and forever.





Little babes with belly gas

Politicians showin’ their ass.

Employees working over time

Children made to tow the line.


Old farts with nothin’ better to do

When your neighbor wants to sue.

Actors and their temperaments

Landlords anxious for the rent.


Husbands with the common cold

Finding what you want’s been sold.

Athletes wanting higher pay

Being told to wait another day.


It’s times like these we make a fuss

When we’re feeling querulous!




It was the best time I can remember

Family gathered in one place

Nothing fancy or pretentious

Just a field, the sun and love all around us.


The hay wagon was full from edge to edge

Foods so numerous stomachs wouldn’t growl for weeks

Even Aunt Imogene’s freshly sliced tomatoes would attract

The picky kids with the “no veggies on my plate” policy.


Why is it that as a kid, we didn’t mind having to make a trek

To the outhouse when duty, or doody called?

They had a three-seater complete with a smaller hole for us youngsters.

I can remember going with some of the aunties and I’d listen to the gossip

While we were all perched over our wooden depositories…haha!


And the cousins, Mike and Traci, Pam and Ronnie, Peggy, and the whole Dye clan

We played for hours, talked and talked, walked the woods, the creeks, the hills.

We walked up to the house on the hill and when we came back down, inertia would

Get the best of our legs.  It’s like we were flying.


It was time to clean up.  Get ready to head home.  But not before we listened for the

Whippoorwills…a bird we never seemed to hear at home.  The horses were coming in

From the pasture.  You could hear their hooves galloping through the stream.  Their force

Seemed to shake the earth beneath us.  IT WAS MAGICAL.


The only thing better than being there is being able to hold tight to these memories.

Banana Man

Banana man

Sad and groggy

Soaked in milk

And feeling soggy.


Life looses it’s a”peel”

When you find out, YOU’RE the meal.


And not just a funny fruit!!




Damn coffee is thick as concrete

Wish I had grabbed my canteen off of the shelf

A little extra kick it holds would help break this fog I am in.


Writing from the edge of the dock seemed poetic at the time

I could write about the moonbeams disturbing the hush of the water’s edge.

Oh hell there is a skunk looking at me from behind the fir tree.







From the tips of her extremities

She spun her web of lies

Delicately interwoven

With many lows and highs.


She lured them in so easily

With her stunning looks and charm

The lonely, sad and gullible

Unprepared to face her harm.


She took from them their dignity

Their bank accounts and more

She never dreamed there’d come a day

Someone would tie the score.


Befriended by another who

Was on to Charlotte’s game

She eased right into Charlotte’s world

Her intentions were the same.


To take from Charlotte all the things

She had swindled from her pray

And leave Charlotte empty handed

Not knowing what to say.


Charlotte realized she’d met her match

From a chick as smart as she

Which made the sting a little less

She was set to let it be.


But that web we call the internet

Can deceive all in its wake

Seems that Charlotte lost it all

To the ones she had foresaked.


Try keeping your intentions pure

When on the world wide web

And when you find Charlottes and the like

Then swat those spiders dead!