The end

unexpected noice

in the middle of the nigh

announcing the end

@Maritza – Hour Twenty four


Silence Cheese

G.K. Chesterton once wrote “Poets have been mysteriously silent on the subject of cheese.”


How many kinds…

Exceed the appetite

Emotions and sensations

Succulent taste

Exquisite with wine

@Maritza – Hour Twenty-three

Wake up

Sunrise in the sky

Announces a unique day

Wake up to rejoice

@Maritza – Hour Twenty-two

Frozen Wheat

Seasons come and go

Frozen wheat harvest sorrow

Nature talks and breathe

@Maritza – Hour Twenty-one


Sleeping hours

Real or surreal nightmare

Unexpected dreams

@Maritza – Hour Twenty


Poet with two nationalities

Two lands in my heart

Two families to long for

Caring mother

Crawled Catholic

Devoted to my faith

Honored to my parents

Honest to commitments

Hard working teacher

Passion for justice

Promote unity

Long for peace

@Maritza – Hour Nineteen




“Just be still, and listen”…

Only love brings peace

Patience helps you grow

Open your ears

Close your mouth

Listen one another




@Maritza – Hour Eighteen



I’m here

“I am begging: Let me be lonely but not invisible.”  – Natalie Diaz-

Let me tell you my feelings

Let me know if you want me

But don’t ignore me

I’m real

Not a puppet

I am here

You can call me

But don’t ignore me!

@Maritza – Hour Seventeen

Fruit salad

Green pear and orange

Set in a fine golden platter

Delicious display

@Maritza – Hour Sixteen



I wonder what happened

I don’t know why…

Time passes by so fast

I learned the difference

When to say…Yes!

And when to say… No!

@Maritza – Hour Fifteen

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