Moon in My Backyard

Moon in My Backyard

What a big event!

Moon in my yard.

Until the next Marathon!


Thank you!

(Haiku, @Mejia2019)

Erasure before Congress

Here in Washington, DC

We deal with such things

And we speak

And we speak

Clear and loud

Speak from the heart

Speak to be heard

Speak, Speak, Speak…

(Erasure poem-Fred Roger’s testifying before  Congress, 1969 – @Mejia2019)

Dear former self

Dear Maritza,

You are like a hurricane in harmony

Like a tornado with gentle wind

Able to challenge yourself to the limits

Never give up

Always positive even when days are gray

Keep it up!

(Free verse, Hour 11@Mejia2019)


My ice cream

My ice cream

Ice cream coffee in a foggy day

In my favorite canteen

With stain shelves and concrete floors

Visiting Washington, DC.


(Free poem, Hour 10 @Mejia2019)

The Wheel

The Wheel

On a blood moon night

Near the green lake

The stars dance in harmony

Announcing a new day

The crowd cheers for a New Year

(Free style, hour 9 @Mejia2019)

Summer Breeze

Summer Breeze

Tell me gentle wind

Is it at last hot summer?

I can feel warm air

Announcing he is coming

Wet, tan, and fun

After a lovely spring

…I am still wating!


(Sevenling, hour 8 @Mejia2019)

Before Darkness

Before Darkness

Angry rainfall growls
Before darkness landed in
Bringing daylight hope

(Haiku, hour 7 @Mejia2019)



Face appearances

Expression of emotions

Stuck in every self

(Haiku, hour 6 @Mejia2019)

No doubts

No doubts

Sylvia Plath said,

“The worst enemy to creativity is selfdoubt.”’

I agree,

I never thought about writing in another language

Until I have the courage to do it.

Now, I write with confidence

I’m not sure with perfection

But without a doubt


(Quote allusion, hour 5 @Mejia2019)



5 Small Sparkles

7 Falling from the deep blue sky

5 Turned down to stand

7 Conveying love, peace and hope

7 to couples around the globe

(Tanka, hour 4 @Mejia2019)

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