Black elegant dress

For an elegant lady

With a thin lips

Delicate nose

Dark eyes

Log arms

And legs

Perfect dark velvet

For her

(Hour Twenty-Two-Maritza m. Mejia)

Mother’s Day

Years had passed

Without a doubt

No card to create

No call to make


Mother is one

Mine is not here

But in my heart

She is allays near


I cried

I prayed

I hoped

I lost


One part of me

When she left…

(Hour Twenty Three-Maritza M. Mejia)

Sandhill Cranes

Majestic creatures

Undertake lengthy ventures

Ready to save earth

(Hour Twenty One-Maritza M. Mejia)

Nature Smiles

Nature Smiles daily

With a drop of water I save

Let’s keep Earth happy!

(Hour Twenty-Maritza M. Mejia)

Green Sky

In the deep green sky

Colorful birds fly and sing

Outer space looking planet earth

(Hour Nineteen-Maritza M. Mejia)


Cloud Mountain

Marvelous day

Joyful celebration

Even with clouds

In though moments

Watch the mountain with a smile

(Hour Eighteen-Maritza M. Mejia)


R-Revive an angst moment

E-Even from a distance

M-Meditate in silence

E-Elevate a prayer

M-Manage to control

B-Better to forgive

E-Engage in service

R-Reason to believe


(Hour Seventeen-Maritza M. Mejia(

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