24. Sleeping



The most wonderful moment

Relax and forget about everything

No doubt about

The most important part of my day


Happy Dreams!!!

(Free Verse 2015)

22. What is love?

love and bible

Love is patient and kind,

Why is there violence?

Love does not envy and not boast,

Why is there greed?


Love is not proud and is not rude,

Why do we allow hostility?

Love is not self-seeking and is not easily angered,

Why do we allow aggression?


Love keeps no record of wrongs,

Why do we not forgive?

Love rejoices with the truth,

Why do we lie?


Love protects, perseveres, and hopes

Love to be loved!


(Biblical Allusion I Corinthians 13:4-5)

From Poems, Thoughts and More

 23. No Doubts

Sylvia Plath said,

“The worst enemy to creativity is selfdoubt.”’

Ink pen

I agree,

I never thought about writing in another language

Until I have the courage to do it.

Now, I write with confidence

I’m not sure with perfection

But  without a doubt


(Quote allusion 2015)

21. My Pencil


Pablo Neruda once said,

“Poetry doesn’t belong to those who write it,

But those who need it”

And I said,


My pencil

Lightly dances

With lovely twists

For an invisible audience

Except for me

(Cinquain Poem, 2013)

19. Coffee, Café, or Tinto?

Capuchino Cup

Coffee please,    

Or Café por favor,   

For some, coffee is more than a morning routine,   

For others, it’s a daily tradition, 

Enjoy your Tinto, Oh sorry!             

Enjoy your  next cup of coffee!                            

 (Acrostic@ 2014 From Poems, Thoughts and More)                                  





16. December Sestinas

Christmas tree

Everyone has a reason

To celebrate the season

Any way is all right

It is part of your life

If you don’t have a season


Revive traditions

Bring back memories

Enjoy what you have

Celebrate life

That is the reason

To celebrate the season


The essence

Is in your heart

The reason

Comes from above

Is tough to perceive

It’s time to find the reason


Not in the wrapping

Or in the store

Nor the food

Neither the place

To celebrate the season

May find the reason


Under a tree

Around the table

Inside a church

Close to families or dear friends

It’s time to find the reason


Or in the street

Make Merry

This season

Have hope

For a new tomorrow

To celebrate the season


It’s time to find the reason

To celebrate the season

Let’s celebrate

15. Mother’s Day

Bouquet Flowers

Years had passed

Without a doubt

No card to create

No call to make


Mother is one

Mine is not here

But in my heart

She is allays near


I cried

I prayed

I hoped

I lost


One part of me

When she left…

(Sonnet@2014 From Poems, Thoughts and More)

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