When all my heart could see was darkness.

You gave me your light.

Of your love.

Dear Heavenly Father

Grant us the music that your heart.

Plays for us.

Deliver us from the darkness.

That lays so heavy.


Upon our hearts.


Heal our heart’s from hate.

Replace hate to love.

For our souls.

Bring our hearts.


To love.

Music that your heart.

Makes for us.


Bless us with the joy.

Of your love.

The healing of our soul’s.

So we can see the glories kingdom.


Of ┬áthe music of harp’s that play the music of your.


The most beautiful music it is the music of your.




Where their is love.

Joy,peace,for our heart’s.

Take away all the darkness.

That is upon our.



God grant me the music.

Of your glories.

Harp’s with your music.

Of love for our soul’s.


God grant me the healing of my heart .

So my heart can feel.

Love again

Covering my Soul

The pain of hell was upon my body only hell of fire could give.

Their wasn’t no more light of warmth in my soul.

Their was just pain that hell of fire.

Was covering my body.


I couldn’t see any light to take to my soul to heal.

The pain my body was going through.

The pain of hell was upon my body only hell of fire.

Could give into my soul.

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