She waited too long

For him and his span to stay,

She couldn’t see him.

How long ago?

He always comes and goes,

Haven’t you seen that the day has a date? Wait, it’s better late than never.

Time, stranger with strange things,

The ground has dried up.

But you must come back with hope.

The angels and me

Could this be a dream or a nightmare?

Indescribable space with so much fortune

Was once breathing something like

the mixture of invisible odorless tasteless gases.

Could this be a private or public kingdom?

Perhaps this is the eternal kingship of God.

Everything is charming and sparkling

Not only the plants that are surrounding

But also the rivers that are pouring and gleaming.



Never before have I tasted its taste,

Until then I traveled to the East.

I said it before, and I will repeat the same

The most influential things are two only

A woman, and a dish of pizza.

Wouldn’t I tell you the reason for being an official bachelor?

Spending years scrutinizing for a Pizzaiola

Perhaps I was born under the shade of a grilled pizza.

The secret is that dish made –

of thinly rolled bread

dough spread with a spiced mixture,

With some tomatoes cheese and pepperoni.


Running shoes is what I need now

Here is the footrace I’ve waited for.

Watch me on the marathon of your favorite

Investing time and energy –

I’ll have the great force to push the door open.

Whether it is a long or short-distance running

I’m ready to make the ground running.


Everyday –

I make a humble entreaty

With bowed head, I supplicate the Lord.

A brisk walk is part of my morning routine.

Besides the practice of keeping myself

And my surroundings tidy.

My office is on the top floor near the traffic in the capital city.

The function of my seat is two-fold:

To communicate to clients and to drive valuable insights.

Experiencing the Experience of the Pairs

The relaxation –

overshadowed the bedtime.

My friend and I were in hushed discussion. That in existence,

We were all natives.

One thing stroke my arrogance,

that I was flat broken.

She has also experienced that the landscape and the sky

Unfold the deepest beauty.

So, let the candle handle the darkness,

The sun is full of heat and lightness.

Hunting for the emergence

As the rain ran to the ground,

Everyone ran to cover by all means

She stayed in a secluded resort,

far away from my respite.

She was a viable queen raised by a late prince.

But she didn’t license her name to my earpiece.

Here she came –

The expression on her face

To me, wasn’t as cold as ice.

To the heart with guilt, she was pierced.

As a stranger, I’ve only met her once or twice.

I’m sorry to myself.

I miscalculated the timing of her emergence.

My Surroundings

I had a condensed fear

when the wind howled

at night in my surroundings.

Every soul would be dearly missed.

The Death has loved us since

we were still alive.

A pain in the chest touched my heart

in agony, for the four foes

that begged for my absence in my present. If the night loses its lamp,

the day will surely reach its day.

I’m a writer

Writing is like a building,

with a roof made up of love

a wall of hatred.

I’m a writer,

I might pinch or punch your ceilings,

Do not describe my words as your feelings,

I have the word you have the feelings.

Not yet old, but still a young lad.

Needn’t praise yet or a windfall,

The Lord hath sent the lofty rainfall.

I was taught how to read not write.

Now that I do both, I own a light


The sun-kissed my cheeks.

Imaginations filled my heart,

the first day of college,

was a mighty experience,

a kaleidoscope of lessons,

I’ve learned about Chemicals:

it is everything on earth.

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