My moon

As long there’s a moon
There’s always you and I.
—by Meriyen Marquez
Inspired by Socorro Villalba


it’s been said a lady doesn’t have a memorie; when soul exchanging its the subject.
i must said my memorie its alive; it replays on its on. im her target each and every nigth. we oneself when letting go of any rules; the only witness are this walls and my ink to put this lovely memories in paper. i must said when we color; we never stay inside the line; we all over. her delicate way to brush the paint in the paper it can’t be describe; you could only see it and feel it. her unique way to bring me alive; its her famous eye snake movement; even though its out the line she takes care of each particular space in the coloring paper. i must said im satisfied with her beautiful artist talento…she is one of a kind; i give her no restristion; she has access in every department of my inside instrumental. she dare to love me and im xtremely lost in her garden of lust and desire ;
no longer thirsty of her sweetnes ; i have it all
yo si lo siento…

My seasons

As the season pass one by one
I’ve learned the been selective in my
Battles it’s the peaceful thing to do; it’s better then being rigth.
With the amount of life experience accumulate in this 30years and
364 days, I’ve learn to stand tall
and proud of each of my accomplishments as well of my mistakes.
I learn to go out in a limb,
Not everything has to be black and white! There’s this thing call rainbow, there’s plenty colors to picky from.
I also remember my roots
It’s what keeps me humble and connected with who I’m.
I learn to know the difference of been thirsty or just been greedy.
I’m content with my natural beauty
I love my self for who I’m and what I stand for. It’s a must rule to show love and dedication to one self, before we could show it to others.
If there isn’t self love
There isn’t determination, courage, and survival skills.
I also learn to enjoy the view.
Life it’s to short to ignore the beautiful seasons and the miracle of life in everything around us.
The beautiful lady bug, the Eagles , the Owls and everything the it’s a living & loving thing.
I learn to enjoy the rain and the windy night. I learn to not take each day for granted. I learn to tell god thank you
For everything in my life. I’m in a temporary life stage , the I don’t know the day or time of my final departure.
But I do know the I want to live my
Life to the max and share the blessing of each awaking with my love ones. My life it’s continually starting a different cycle each time a year arrived. Feeling fearless and in control of my wants and needs.
This it’s me. I’m exactly where I want to be and won’t let go of my dreams.
This is an other wonderful season.❤️

—by Meriyen Marquez⭐️

✨Slipping away✨

When your significant other it’s slipping away, and reviving memories isn’t enough. What it’s there left to do, but to let things flows. If you rush into it, it break faster, if you give too much space it ends, when you try to hard it just don’t work. So what it’s left to do. Express how you feel and hope they see things as you and deal with the anxiety of been the one label as the one responsible for the break up and the broken personality. How you deal with all the i security knowing the everything it’s about to end. Specially when your trying to hold on to dear life. The best to do its Let go of all your thought and guilt off been in the position of feeling as you just not good enough. Yes re-focus on you and the point the finger. Give your self time to think clearly and most important space before approaching , but if In your end you say it all, you just got to wait and see what’s more important to the individual and the would also tell you where you stand all along.
Crying help clean your soul , so if you must, let them out.


You could feel your soul fading away from your body, but you still feel a little pain. You feel the emotions raising above you, and rebuilding its out of the question; because it takes to disintegrate to the ground.
You still feel the pain and the remains you the you alive. You feel like you death inside. Like everything it’s burn to ashes. You no longer recognize the smile because your soul it’s fading away. Where it’s the fire the was keeping you warm? Where’s the light the was shining above you? Why slip away from the physical form?
The soul carry the heavy load and you just want it to be over. Your day is a painful remained of all you had and now it’s gone. You want the beautiful kind of pain, the allow you to feel alive and motivates you. Now you just motionless without hope. You no longer stop to breath and see the beautiful things the surround you. How it help to ripe your heart out?
It’s black and broken with a lot of scars. The only way to make it pound blood again it’s by rebuilding. Feel the fire in your heart; it’s trying to survive this cold feeling.
This coma the you going through. Define yourself again and know you got the power to rebuild and raise from the ashes. Embrace your pain and say bye to yesterday. Feel your heart beat and feel the sensation of been alive even if you feel the pain, the loneliness, the emptiness , the abandons and it hurts, but it’s what would make you stronger. It’s a beautiful kind of pain. Just feel the pain and know it would continue to happen, but you would survive. Push through this feelings and heal your wounds. Love you and get over it all.
Let time pass and heal it all.
The scars would remain as a remainder the you a survivor. It’s a beautiful kind of pain. Feel this pain , feel it and embrace it and then set your self free.
It’s a beautiful kind of pain.
It’s just pain!
—Meriyen Marquez


How do you see yourself VS
how others portrait you?
When do you look within before putting the blame on others. How you move forward without hurting any longer. How do you see yourself and how you project who you really are. Why do we live to the expectations of others, when do we start to live up to our own standards. What is there to do once you know the problem. What is our purpose. So far all is known is the we have the right to the pursued of happiness and liberty. How we make it possible. What values we each have and how we carry ourselves through lives is what make the difference between achievement and failures. Loses yourself in order to find the answer you secretly ask yourself every single day.
—Marquez Meriyen

compassion vs Pity❗️

Theres nothing wrong about having compassion for an other individual; but it’s a problem when you feel pity for a individual; doing thing because you feel bad for them isn’t a way to help them, sometime best thing to do; it’s do absolutely nothing, and let Them solve things on their own. Sometimes a simple prayer if you a religious person, it would go along way. I personality help those who want to be help and actually make an effort to make something positive with their life. Why should a individual over stress Themselves over someone who doesn’t care enough about themselves. In case of people who only looking to what they could get from you, my best advise it’s keep them away as possible. To each their own!

I Dare You To Love Me

Sometimes you need to stop and see if it’s worth it
crying over something that just won’t work,
why give it all your time and devotion,
if in the end you are still invisible…
It’s better to regroup and find yourself
This road it’s pure torture when not in the same page,
even friendship can be hurtful,especially if taking for granted.
Misunderstood wishing you could really be in my place see how I truly feel.
See how I truly see you
See that this love isn’t just temporarily
Still may God bless you, I wish you nothing but that best.
My brain it’s sending that message,
it’s time too cold those feelings,
it’s time to really see
It’s time to be selfish for once
It’s time to be on balance
It’s that really possible for a Libra?
Don’t know time to figure it out
One thing to keep in mind
I really gave it my all, as a friend and as a lover
No regrets so take it all
There is nothing left
I do keep my promises
So I will remain here
You could lean on me when in need of a friend
I will follow my dreams
I won’t look back
I dare myself to stop suffering and give me a chanceTo really beme
Explore my world and find something new
I dare you to love me
I dare you to be oneself
I dare you my dear to stop being that victim of your own choice
I dare to give yourself the push that you need to go for your dreams and accomplish your goals.
Forget the entire castle made out of sandThey easily destroy.
Be on that path to your happiness
I dare you to love me
I dare you to be free
Have me on your mind
And give me your best
You and only you be on my mind
It’s time to take care of yourself
And give it your all
I dare you to love me
You are the key to your own success,
we been here before
You could have it all
Just free yourself and forget that past
I dare you to love me
I’m here
Your reflection in that mirror
I dare you to love me…

Pandora box

Living on fear
Attach to the memories
Scare to take action
Many question are raise
No answer at all
The law it’s useless
Only their law counts
My voice it’s mute
My rights are taken
My life it’s reduce to four walls
Waiting for this locks to be broken⏳
Is freedom next or a cold cell next
I open my eyes and it’s still dark
I see no light
I’m calm Bc my most important values are out of sight
My enemy can’t touch it
I rather die alone
Them to see my soul cry and lost
Trying to safe me
I rather be soulless without my
Princesses; than have them
Taken and suffering
I’m happy inside
Bc I gave them a fighting chance
My mistake won’t touch them
Only the pain of not having me
But it’s ok
As long they protected by god laws
I know I Had sin
And for each of my sin
It’s a price to pay.
I’m paying the higher price
With ocean in between us
I love you
My darling
Keep going this journey
My soul would be near
My love in a box
But your freedom it’s endless
And so it’s my memories.
—Meriyen Marquez✨

✨Changing the road✨

Let me tell you something
I never been in need of your attention
So why do you waste your time
Stop your lies, turn around
And just go!!!!!
I don’t want to hold on to your selfish self any more….
There’s no love more strong, them the one I feel for myself.
I can’t stay here waiting the you realize all the things I had gave you.
I’m happy when I focus on myself
And stop trying to get your love and attention.
I believe in a forever but not next to you, but with the sun shining bright on me now.
My happy ending its with myself love and dedication.
I’m independent and I see the value of myself when I take a look in the mirror.
Don’t waste any more time trying to explain yourself to me.
I’m done with this battle fields
I’m done with your lies
I’m done with anything the means
I had to be in content.
I won’t keep swallowing my pride
Trying to make us work.
In the process I would lose myself.
It hurst to not see me clearly in the mirror because of your shadow.
There’s no more chains
I set myself free…
I’m a woman
A phenomenal woman
And there’s no space for you here
My dear….
—Marquez Meriyen