Woman of substance

There’s no words the could truly describe you. As time passes I keep discovering more quality in your personality. Your actions speaks loud them words. Your love speak with actions. How you carry yourself through life it self is pure value to the life we are raising together.
Your strong character brings the necessary discipline to raise and guide our kids. I truly admire your way to handle things, even if it mean risking an argument for the sake of the kids.
Thank you for standing strong even when I’m weak. You are the biggest support for girls. You rise to the challenge . You are a team player and for that I’m always grateful.
As you always say kids don’t come with instructions, congratulation for always cracking there code all the time. Thank you for been a great mother and awesome guardian.
I respect you as a woman, mother and friend. Your kindness melts my not genetic cells away.


You were my shield
You were my story teller
You were my friend
You were my disciplinary
You were my sun
You were my moon
You were my wind
You were my rain
You never left me

You no longer around me
But you planted a seed in me
The turn me strong.
You gave me strength right
from the start.
You gave me confidence,
You thought to be independent and to have self confidence.
You thought me to see the world with new eyes.
You turn my negative into a positive.
You are my light when my life becomes dark.
Your prayers crossed ocean and reach me with blessing.
You gave me a fresh start.
You are the hero of myself love and independent.
Your sacrifices gave me a chance for a family of my own in a new land
Far away from home.
You’re my foundation
Your the roots of my family three.
Your DNA is my oxygen.
Your love gives me strength
They say you are delusional,
I say you are no longer cage in your brain. You are sensitive to your spirit and free at last.
I love you truly my dear
And I carry you in my soul just
like a tattoo.
I always have you
Grandma, just like a tattoo
—Meriyen Marquez Guerra Chavez

Inside my head

The beauty of time, is the it never comes back. Today becomes yesterday and tomorrow the present. Regrets aren’t options, looking forward ahead. Every action has a reaction and every reaction has a consequence. Can’t cry over spill water, you just move forward. Can’t force emotions and views on others. You just listen, observe and learn. Don’t be anyone righteousness but your own. You either let go or Compromise, just always made sure your needs are been met. You can always give without receiving at least gratitude , Bc at the end you drain yourself. Never stop others from living. Individual come and go and only those meant to be in your life would remain. Be grateful to those who goes an extract mile and don’t be impulsive to take decision the you soon regret . Love oneself in order to love others. Don’t ask, just know when is your turn you will receive. Don’t beg, don’t lie and be honest about yourself. Be open mind it. Have your opinion and stand your grown. Don’t change because there’s isn’t such a thing, you could only make your self better. Don’t allow others label to make you.
Live ,love and laugh. Keep in mind time keep moving forward with you or without . Therefore don’t waste time on what if and I should had know and why me, how come and feeling sorry for yourself . You don’t like something change it . You don’t like your surrounded and the individual around you live. Never look back and always make positive outcome when it comes to yourself . Cry if you must, fall if you had to; just remember to stand up after it all and keep moving forward.
—Meriyen Marquez

✨Lock out Elysium✨

I always had faith in love and miracles.when I first met you, I knew
I would put my emotions on the line.
To be part of you is something sacred, I’m reborn each time I wake up in your arms.
Your lovemaking takes me to heaven
Your passion takes me away into a Elysium…
Your presence alone it’s an Elysium experience.
If to keep you I must drop to my knees and testify all my wrong doings, I will…
You make my sins so small, when you forgive me and embrace me.
Please open the gate to your heart, I can’t wait to see your soul through the window of your eyes.
Right there in your soul I want to stay. Without you I feel out of place, where do I belong? I feel broken without the light shed on me by your love. Can I just stay here…
Can I Just stay here….
I just want to stay right here…

—Marquez Meriyen ✨