Hour 25 – Insurmountable (image)

See that cliff?

It’s insurmountable

But there’s a flag on it.

Which means that’s not true.

It’s my flag, this is my marathon

But it’s your flag too.

Because we did not climb alone

We walked together, side by side

And while some faltered and stayed behind

We brought them in our hearts

You surmounted the insurmountable

You just needed to not do it alone.

Hour 25 – Tradition (text)

Up rose the horizon

As it always has

Lightening the unearthed dawn

Fifteen minutes back yonder

Awakening the birds in droves

First came the songlets

Trilling sweetly announcing the sun

Then came the minstrels

Whose music was more practiced

And third came the tone deaf

The crows and the chirpers

Who pierced the air

But they were all drowned out by


The cat who hopes breakfast is near.

It’s such an untouched moment


That I rarely get to hear


But since I’m still awake


Geez, fine, I’ll feed you.

Hour 24 – Home (text prompt)

I was asked

What is home to me

And I wanted to cry

Because, you see,

I feel I have no home

I don’t feel welcome

With friends or family

I don’t know how come,

But something feels empty

There are moments of course

Where things feel okay

But they are hollow or worse

Tainted by truth behind that day

The closest I get

To home is I guess…

When my cat comes over

And lays down upon my chest.

Hour 23 – The Green Dance (image prompt)

They say in the darkest depths of the woods when a soul comes back from the sea

The fairies dance to guide home the soul’s old memories.

The green flash lasts but a mmoment, a blur to our eyes

But it takes thousands of fairies disguised as fireflies

A thousand years or more to make it through the timestretched door.

As the door between realms dilates and closes, the soul is guided home

From fae to fawn to nymph to mer, the soul begins to roam

Danced through the greenest twilight to the land he calls his own.


Hour 23 – Cheese Poem (text prompt)

What’s so gouda ’bout cheese?

Feta’vall it’s delicious

I’Monterey’ve about all the types, Jack

Colby here a while

But I’ll try to Brie Swiss about it

While I Whey in on all the varieties

Don’t feel Bleu, if it gruyere on me

It’ll grow on you here too

If you Crambert the puns,

I Curd be persuaded

To cease to Pepper in more names Jack

I don’t see the Parmesan ‘swering your questions

And I must say your cheddar is pretty Sharp.

Okay the parmesan one is a stretch


Hour 22 – Secret Place (image prompt)

There’s a secret place I keep

With a hammock for me to sleep

and some books in a display shelf

Protected from the elements and hidden in a crevice  in the wood.

The hammock net is stored away

With the books in the display

and hide from humans the secret place

It’s not my land but it’s protected

By both government and

Tall rambling trees

hiding a path

Marked only by a threadbare bath towel.

I love my secret place

But I can never find it.

Hour 22 – Wake Call (text prompt)

You didn’t make it

The Marathon I mean

You faltered, sleepy

Hour 20

Started resting

And slipped through your alarms

Dozing gently into REM

But this is a dream!

All you need to do is



Just kidding, it’s only hour 22 and you have time to spare!

Hour 21 – Wheat Whacker (image prompt)

It seems strange to say

But one day

the wheat

Which guards our homes

A staple in many biomes

Will be called a weed

and we

Who live in its roots

Rodents, insects, and pests

Will need to migrate

post haste

To new plants

Hopefully untainted

By modifications that make them

viable as plastic.

Looking at you,  corn…

Hour 21 – Ode Deux Tres (text prompt)

An Ode to Time

Always present, yet unknowable, an ineffable pace constructed on the premise of change.

Your passage is marked not by your existence but by the perception of it, unique to your peers and overwhelming to those too small to grasp it.

And yet…

We insignificant in comparison consider you known to us, we stretch and thin you, compress you to our whim wile still shoving meaning into you like bread into a turkey’s ass.

Time, oh time, there is never enough of you in your expanse but we who created you spite an excess of your presence

You enigma in a ham sandwich, Time.

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