Poem 25- My Second Marathon

As the birds wake up outside,

And the darkness begins to hide,

I to myself begin to chide.

“Why would you do this?

At least you have not died.”

Despite a setback here and there,

Despite prompts that felt unfair,

I made it through, I proved I care.

I did not fall into despair.

With faith from friends

the effort finally ends

And my next action truly depends

On solely me and the promises I keep.

Dawn awakens while I sleep

Is it okay for me to weep?

Until next year, new friends and old

Until the call back to the poetry fold.

I can’t see much out this window. 24

Dawn has not yet raised its head

The road is dark, save two cats

who use it as an asphalt bed

Barely visible in lamp light dim

The yard is black save a dead-wood bench

And a stump with countenance grim

And though I know the garden exists

In this non-light, it’s just vague pots

with black silhouettes the sleeping plants.

And while I’m not one to make called shots

I think there is still quite a chance.

Dawn has not yet raised her head

So I might still get to bed.


My Cassidy 23

Golden fur and chocolate eyes,

She loved being pet,

and barked at flies.

Not the brightest pup

but she was mine

She didn’t know a ball from a rock

but that was fine

I remember ten fond years

of play-time, fetch, and catch.

Just talking about it brings up tears

and sorrow weighs heavily on my chest.

And if you’re wondering why I still cry,

it’s because I never got to say goodbye.

Ode to the Lady in Black -22

What woman stands alone? What angle in her tone?

What frame of life is this? What lies beneath cold gaze?

What restraint in posture? What unasked question phrased?


Here power lies like ebon coals, yet under wraps,

seem stronger; therefore your gaze, gaze on;

Not clear to the eye what you intend, but clear to watch

At least for now.

Fan gripped with lust, perhaps with yearning,

as time goes on, the heart keeps burning.


Timeless in her profile, oh wondrous woman.

The time shall come when none recall

Why she gazes after all.

Most of this is not super true.

His beard is thicker than an otter’s pelt

His beard is softer than a chinchilla

His eyes are bluer than the sky

His eyes gleam brighter than headlights

When something interesting meets his eye.

He’s smarter than a genius

More clever than a fox

He’s good at playing word games

He could sell you your own box.

His hair is more golden than Rapunzel’s

His hair is straighter than a rod

Better than a cult leader,

He could convince you of his god.

His wisdom shines like diamonds

His charisma’s dark as pitch

His intelligence unquestioned

by both poor and rich.

He is the perfect lover,

He is the perfect man.

I’m lucky that I met him,

I’ll do everything I can,

To keep him.


Crack in the sidewalk,

doesn’t take much,

just a single root

with a sturdy touch.

Golden yellow

Against a bleak landscape

Green leaves against grey concrete.

Astral Effigy

Vast and beautiful,

empty as an infant,

darker than most villain’s lairs

emitting the light of a billion corpses.

Powering fantasy for centuries,

Myths and legends built it,

Science now attempts to complete it.

Evening Fog-18

While the bay’s been ravaged

And the ocean poisoned

One thing remains the same.

While acid falls from the sky

And every night more people die

One thing remains the same.

As the sun sets, it moves in,

Like a wave across the skin,

One thing remains the same.

Whether hot or cold

Whether timid or bold,

One thing remains the same.

Here comes the fog.

Here comes the fog.

It always stays the same.


Weight-loss -17

New jeans, smaller in size,

New shirts, to my surprise,

New bras, frilly and nice,

New lifestyle, at a cheaper price.

It’s finally begun.

I’ve finally won.

I’ve lost the one one thing I never want to gain.

Even if it’s a gigantic pain.

Modern Dracula-16

Darkness rising

I am the night

They fear me greatly

but know not my plight

I would have left them alone

Had they left mine the same

Instead they burned the one I loved

And I became their bane.

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