Good Enough (#3)

I’m not as good as I want to be,
not as good as I thought.

I’m all twisted up in coils
and knots—

chained to a speeding clock.


I’ll come late
to take you to that frozen lake

by the way of circumstance…clouds will part like one last chance.

We will dance with arrows beating through our sullen hearts:

expose our secrets in a snow-still twilight
proving that love is laid bare.

Soul-struck music will guide our fragile footsteps

to where silence and light reign,
eternal- revolving around the chorus beyond the stars.

Someday, we will thaw and break off like icebergs…
and float all around the sound.


Slow dying sorrow slips over me,
slow as sun in evening…
slightly lowers my listless stare.
Capturing my heavy eyes,
heaving as I kneel,
on that frozen lake by a frozen town
where the dust drifts, deterring a detached zodiac.

Wandering stars
can only dream of delusions, confusion—

the restless memories
drip into seamless shades of sleet,
sprinkling my unkempt heart with hesitancy—

on that spot where I lost you.