Copper Dog

Copper Dog

Tail full of love wiggles.
Nose cold and wet.
My life is complete, for I have this pet.

He never says no to me.
He’s always about.
Poor fool never even complains when I shout.

He’s loyal and caring.
He shows with his licks.
I love him so much he gets spa days, it’s sick.

This pup is my life now.
He has me all trained.
You’ll find me at dog parks, sun, windstorm or rain.

Don’t stop and wonder.
I’ve figured it out.
Dogs are the best friends, of that there’s no doubt.


– Mary-Jeanne Smith

A Perfect Moment

A Perfect Moment


Adventurer don’t wallow, break through the glorious morn.

Dance, twirl, about with joy, don’t stop the breath from breathing.

The heart breaks no longer, the time has come for boundaries safe.

All around is heavenly laughter, bubbling over brooks of glee.

Time stands still upon this mountain, with flower filled fields of contentment.

Life is, momentarily, complete.

There will be more.


– Mary-Jeanne Smith

That Paint Brush

That Paint Brush

Paint for me a picture, of how life’s meant to be.
Golden like the sunset, or blue just like the sea.

Paint it big and bold, don’t waste time with mundane things.
Life can stop so quickly, just with a few telephone rings.

Spin me round the spring time, swish summer into fall.
Don’t forget white winter, it has no mercy left at all.

Paint the world with colors, let the lanscapes brightly sing.
Gray’s not meant for our world, toss it out, let the vivid colors ring.


– Mary-Jeanne Smith

Dark Creature – Ode to a spider.

Dark Creature


Dark creature creeping.

I was not expecting your presence in my life.

Why do you have to invade my space?

You cause fear and strife.

Exit my abode.

I will not tolerate your presence.

I am in control.

Of at least this small terror, yes, I am in control.


– Mary-Jeanne Smith

Today’s Person – A Golden Shovel Format Poem

Watch, now, how I start the day

In happiness, in kindness. – Mary Oliver


Today’s Person


Each day I wonder who will cross my path, for them I watch.

I can choose to be a spark in the life of another, I can choose that now.

I can learn something new, I’ll show you how.

The statement cannot begin with I.

You, has to be the start.



that day,

they let me in.


It filled my soul,

the inner joy of kindness.


– Mary-Jeanne Smith

Dancing Dad

Dancing Dad


Dancing down the street, show tunes, to the beat.

Smiles and “how are you?”, he really cared to know it too.

Be cheerful on his wall, and be grateful written tall.

Living one day at a time, it didn’t have to rhyme.

His phone calls are so missed, “Hello!” was on his lips.

“What’s for dinner, is all fine?” he asked them all the time.

He looked right in your eyes, he wouldn’t tell you lies.

I miss his presence most of all, without him life feels small.

He passed his heart along to me, so moving forward I can see.


– Mary-Jeanne Smith

This picture hung in my Dad’s apartment for many years. I brought it home after he passed. He had 32 years of sobreity in AA when he passed. He really lived his program. He is forever missed. The poetry prompt, of inside out, made me think of him. As he changed his life drastically, from the inside out, like no one I’ve ever seen. Blessed to have had him as my Dad.

My Shine

My Shine


It’s shining, good morning, another day.

Before I saw you, I was in the dark, another night.

It is so bright, how did I miss this before, the glow embraces my very being.

Glaring optimism, so warm and inviting, never leave my side.

Why do I fight your presence, run away from the delightful joy of your warmth?

No more, I am here to stay, you are my shine.


– Mary-Jeanne Smith

Alki Beach Treats

Alki Beach Treats


Catch the breeze, salty air, long ago I was there, daily.

Walks with friends, sit awhile, cop a smile, peace lives next door.

Ignore the crowds, beach ball and games, they have no shame.

Pebbles and seaweed, shells and driftwood, the treasures so good, so true.

Fish and chips, cookies and coffee, cement board walk to enjoy, pleasures galore.

Senses are heightened, his hand in hers, true love still stirs.

Even after fifty years, he is hers.


– Mary-Jeanne Smith

Alki Beach is in West Seattle in Washington State. I visited it all through my childhood. I especially have fond memories of spending time there with my grandparents.

Weigh In

Weigh In


Start a race.

Start a race for freedom, others cannot understand, the embrace is pounds of flesh.

The cut was deep inside, no way to hide, from what will come, I am undone.

No place to run.


No place to run.

No place to hide, from what was inside, it buried me.

Security is lost, seeking thoughts unspoken, that wound is open.

No one can see.


No one can see.

The secrets are biased, screaming for solace from the storm, it is a norm.

Society ignores, we feel like whores, they refuse to get it.

It melts away.


It melts away.

A new day born, the swollen growth is torn, no more to morn.

More than imagined, victory is bright, it shines and can be seen from a distance.

The race is done.


– Mary-Jeanne Smith

Shore Story

Shore Story


It always was a part of me; the salt, the crashing of the sea.

Sandy toes part of the lure; waves big and small, they are the cure.

A seagull cries, my eyes they follow; he flies far off into tomorrow.

If only I could fly with him; leave the tasks of life so dim.

The sun it sets, all red and golden; treasure of this day a token.

Evening creeps upon once more; all is well when at the shore.

-Mary-Jeanne Smith