A Country Break

Moonbeams cannot break through the fog,

so dense it blankets the surrounding firs,

that damn concrete dock, and it’s uneven plane. 

Hobbling I try and fail to reach the shelf holding my canteen. Oh well.

Instead, coffee warms me in the hush before dawn breaks. 

Dear Former Self

Dear Former Self,

You are extraordinary. 

Don’t let anyone tell you differently. They lie when they call you fat. 

Don’t believe your own self doubt. You are smart enough, strong enough, & enough just the way you are. 

You do not have to earn love. It is freely given and no misdeed can change it. 

Do not be afraid. Your silence isn’t safety. Your words are your power. 

Strength already lies inside you. Your body is capable of healing. 

Your heart will heal, too.  A broken heart is both an emotional and physical pain, like your anxious burning gasps when you fell off the jungle gym in third grade.

Do not stop dreaming. Dream big, dream often. 

You do not need to find yourself. You are not lost. You are creating an extraordinary you with every choice, every act, every day. 

Saturday Futsal

Chirp the ref’s whistle sounds

Five green girls face off 

against five grey boys

Sweat runs down red faces 

“Ugh,” kick, thwap

Ball hurtles down the court

”Go green!”

The goalie stretches and leaps


The crowd erupts

Magic of Summer Nights

In between the cracked concrete

and the burnt out lights,

our feet meet. 

Whispered secrets, poetry,

notebooks passed

between you and me. 

Nights spent sitting curbside,

drawn together magnetically,

fire sparking, chemistry. 

The First Day

I am sweating, clammy, nervous. My heart beats quickly, loudly. I’m sure they can hear it.

“They are just teenagers.”

I am going to throw up. My stomach churns, roils.

“Remain calm.”

I am getting light headed. Breath in, out, in, out. Quick snatches through my nose.

“You are in control.”

I am standing in front of 36 judging eyes, assessing my trustworthiness.

Show no fear.”

I am smiling. Teeth bared, lips spread, eyes sparkling, smiling.

I laugh.

They smile back.

“I am ok.”



When Day Breaks

“Beep, beep, beep!” my alarm screams. I roll & pat pat pat . . . silence.

“Zzzzzzz . . .zzzzzzz” my husband snores. I rub the crusty sleep out of my eyes as light breaks through the window blinds.

“Bawk, baaawwk, bbbbbaaawwwkkkkk” demands an answer. I stand and slip on well worn Uggs and a frayed BIOLA hoodie.

“Momma, momma” cries from down the hall. It’s time to start the day.

About Me

I am an English teacher. I have been teaching for 14 years. I am participating in the Poetry Half Marathon because I always encourage my students to share their writing.. To be fearless. It is time I model this fearlessness for them.

I live in Southern California (High Country) with my husband, two kids (7 & 9), and 5 chickens.