ERASED The Little Prince (excerpt) by Antoine de Saint-Exupery

It was then that the king appeared
“Good morning”, said the king
“Good morning”, said the maid
Though she saw no one
“I am right here “,the king said “under the bridge”
And the king grabbed her hand
To the palace they will find
The old priest who will be
The one to wed them gladly.

Dear Old Self

You should have said no when they asked you to lie
Or screamed to their faces it’s their fault, don’t be shy

You should have bought your father slippers on the time it’s needed
Maybe he’d be happier would have bragged and smiled

Remember when the old man expected you to give
You overlooked what he needed you were so insensitive

Should have been more careful when you were pregnant with your child
Maybe she would have been here the family isn’t sad

You should have been this and you should have been that
More regrets coming in hurting pain makes you flat

Dear old self may you learn from all those “have beens”
And this time, oh this time make sure your life wins.

For You Aria

“Hush Hush, keep quiet you two, you will wake her up”
That should have been my line while you’re having a nap
Might scold your father and brother when making noise
For sure they’ll insist on bringing you toys

I could sip my coffee while you sleep and I’ll watch
I might be crocheting while you rest in my touch
That should have been what I’d do my child just for you
But you left us so soon and we’re longing it’s true

I could tell you stories from the books on the shelf
So that when you’re grown you’ll do it yourself
Papa and Kuya can watch alternately
You see they won’t stop until they see you cheerfully

You are our joy our cutie moonbeam
We have waited for you, you are our dream
But then now you’re gone what else can we do
But to weep and to mourn ’cause we’re longing for you

Aria, Aria dear, life is cold like the fog
Your absence in our lives is a real heavy log
Our dear child, dear Aria, our little girl so sweet
We will wait for the day when we’ll finally meet.

Angels and Demons

YES, it is true I am a combination
Like you I am an angel and a demon
A yin and a yang a black and a white
A mixture of a wrong and a right

Some days I’m easy at times I’m complicated
I won’t deny sometimes I’m doubted
Because I change my mind so quick
My moods depend on every flick

‘Cause I’m a woman who thinks a lot
Who won’t give up without a fight
I would debate before giving in
But I’ll accept mistakes within

I give respect to one who’s due
Earn it well if it’s for you
A high regard from me you’ll get
As long as you are doing great

Because we are all combinations
Of everything in moderations
And just like you yes I am one
Sometimes an angel sometimes a demon

A Good Choice-Me

He prefers three things strictly:
A good wife, a poet and a cup of coffee
With these he can converse with anyone happily

Disregards loud mouth and curses
Curses that hurt and provide pains
Hating unwise decisions and mess

He chose me among the rest.


We might die and leave the earth
But memories will stay with worth
We might die and leave them here
But our good deeds won’t disaappear

Like good old phoenix we will come back
When time is right we will fly back
For sure its us who else will be
But the phoenix of our family

For families value every thought
They care they love and the ones they got
So we might die and leave the Earth
But memories will stay with worth.

Stucked Out Looking In

He stood outside the window looking in
As the family eats every grain
He was envious as they eat happily
Because never had he a family
In tears he watched with a grieving heart
And wished his life to restart
But never will it happen this he knew
For he was an orphan boy a year ago
He had been doing this for a while already
Watching this family bond merrily
This is something he knows he’ll never have
But this becomes his goal he surely will have
Someday he’ll make sure he will have his own
And never will he watch a family he’d known
He won’t be stucked out anymore looking in
For he promised himself in life he will win.

In the Mockingbird with Katniss

After reading the book I placed it on my side
All at once I drifted to Neverland I stride
Then Katniss Everdeen came calling loud and clear
So I jumped towards her fastly out of fear

We were armed we were ready anytime they show up
We will not allow them to finish us up
We will win in this game we will win in this battle
And our townmates could eat everyone will settle

But husband woke me up for I was making some noise
It’s as if I was shouting and fighting lots of boys
I got mad all at once why he did wake me up
We were in a battle I can’t leave Katniss up

Furious I’m so mad I will return to the field
I will Help Katniss out and we will be revealed
But that scene was so done I cannot go back in
I’s not true that I was with Katniss Everdeen.

Aria Aria Butterfly

After our first was born we have been dreaming
Of little baby girl so dainty yet beaming
We often look above and wish upon the stars
May God grant us all the desire of our hearts

Then finally our dream of baby girl came true
Been craving and sleeping and my tummy “uh-oh”
Then her name was prepared We will name her Victoria
And we can’t wait to hold our pretty pretty Aria

A month more to go before we see our little girl
She came without heartbeat everything’s in a blur
We were all devastated we were all left in tears
‘Cause we wont get to hug our dainty pretty Miss

Since then every time we remember our girl
A dainty butterfly all at once will appear
Its a way that we know she drops by to visit
Her mom and dad and brother who are sad every minute

Aria Aria dear Aria Aria butterfly
Pay us a visit every once in a while
Please know that you’re loved and dearly you are missed
You did not leave us all You will stay in our midst

Deafening Silence

Come out at night and know
The world in its afterglow
We might see what we overlook
Because of our daily work

It’s the soft rustle of leaves
As the wind gently brushes
And the cold feel of air
While my fingers comb my hair

The air-conditioning unit hums
While the tots are with their moms
And street light silently screams
Making a poet smiles and dreams

Stealth tiny raindrops land
On roofs and trees and sand
Surely tomorrow a clear dew
That refreshes a morning new

Above, far above you’ll see
Parade of characters feathery
Clouds of every size and shape
Clowns and kings on capes

We thought its silent but we’re wrong
The world we know just sings a song
Its deaffening silence that we know
Is silently doing a show.

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