GOT Wannabe

This silly thought once came to me, in Game of Thrones I want to be
A friend of Arya Stark is “oh” or even wife of hot Jon Snow
Could also be tough Cersie’s friend I might make her a lot of thrones
Wise young lady I could be, a friend of the Mother of dragons

Or maybe I’ll be the one to write of all the scripts and story lines
I could direct the entire show and choose which one of them will go
By then I’ll be the show’s star, a wannabe, one whose a fan
Became the story’s heroine.

Go Back to the Place

The calm wind, the calm sea
The flipping hair of the young lady
The intense violin played in the air
What else does it mean but pure bliss and care

When life gets unfair gets tough ain’t square
Just remember that your life is a gift which is rare
Go back to the place where the sea and the wind
And the violin played in whirlwind

A Life of Rainbow

When he sings a lovely song the green notes float like some balloons
And sparkle in the air with hues of gold
His modulated voice is blue to my ears
Like some royal blood men of the envied throne
His voice turns red in moments of romance
That cannot be resisted velvety and kind
His laughter is a lot of silhouettes
Varies in every tone every tune every baritone
My life is a mixture of shades of different hues
A rainbow of bliss and patches of colors

The Creepy One Creeps

The long skeleton-like feet
The hairy creepy face and body
We used to shout and jump when in sight
But do we know they creep from us?
The creepy one is afraid of man
Afraid of the giant that hurts and splats
Of one that hurts and not welcomes
A creepy-looking creature that creeps of man.

Speak the Truth

Speak the truth to me please tell
For no one dares of love but me
I love to love though he loves me not
And leaves me blank and lost and mournful
He blocked me out won’t let me in
A lot of times was lost in numbers

From the Poem “A Psalm of Life”
by: Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

From Someone Who is Shy

Hey guys listen up from someone who is shy
From her meek little smiles to her words that say why
Underestimate not what this shy one can do
She can move every mountain and might defeat you

Hey guys listen up from someone so secretive
From someone whom we thought was never active
Belittle her never for she might overpower
All those that are loud and those that chatter

Hey you all of you who are so unbeatable
Quiet ones are deadly lethal and able
They can mesmerize crowds when they start to speak
We’ll find out they are strong and was never been weak

For quiet ones are thinkers and analytical
Waiting for a moment a chance and a call
And when they begin to speak all their minds
We’ll be blown and in awe for the true masterminds.

Elusive Dreams No More

My dreams long ago are hopeless to achieve
For these dreams are so high though my time I will give
But right now I am here writing poems I can write
With each prompt every hour writing verse all my might

My dreams long ago are those that need time
But right now all my time is offered for this rhyme
I may be lost for words will not find the right kind
But this won’t make me stop i will be in the grind

Elusive dreams elusive no more are my dreams
Little by little step by step themes after themes
I will write poetry write the best I can
And my dreams will be here at the palm of my hand.

My Room Upstairs

If you ask me a place where I could return
I would tell you my room with the memories I own
With the windows wide open I stare at the moon
And build my dreams there in every toss and turn

In my room when I was young I could puff endlessly
While I enjoy the night,and the whole scenery
While the puffing occurs I scribble my mute friend
Write my poems crazily from beginning to end

In that room I could see my every misery
And I write every line down in my diary
I write poems I write thoughts that keep coming out
In that room my writing is where it came about

I want my room back by the window open wide
Where I planned how my life would be mystified
Right there in that room-my secret hideaway
My heart yearns until now forever it will stay.

Deafening is Your Silence

Deafening is your silence and I can’t bear it anymore
For it’s your anger that I feel every passing hour
Come spill it out spit fire unto my face
Than treat me this cold from then to these days

Deafening is your silence and I can’ bear it anymore
I can see myself pass walk away through this door
It is you that I long it is you that I miss
I hope we can make up end this fight with a kiss

Deafening is your silence and I can’t bear it anymore
“Cause this life ain’t complete without you mi amore
End this fight Oh my love let’s start over again
You will see how it’s like to have you come and reign

Deafening is your silence and I can’t bear it anymore
‘Cause you give my life color it is you I honor
With your deafening silence gone it is time to celebrate
No more lies no more hate so now I feel so great.

Waves Wash Away

In this world of lies and empty smiles
Of gadgets and of virtual friends
Waves wash away the unwanted thoughts
And bring them far to far-flung place

In this world of many two-faced people
And mind you they are those that rule
Waves wash away all the frustration
And toss them to the god Poseidon

Waves wash away yes waves do wash
To shores all burdens they smash
For us to feel strong again
And be just like uncanny men.

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