Deafening is Your Silence

Deafening is your silence and I can’t bear it anymore
For it’s your anger that I feel every passing hour
Come spill it out spit fire unto my face
Than treat me this cold from then to these days

Deafening is your silence and I can’ bear it anymore
I can see myself pass walk away through this door
It is you that I long it is you that I miss
I hope we can make up end this fight with a kiss

Deafening is your silence and I can’t bear it anymore
“Cause this life ain’t complete without you mi amore
End this fight Oh my love let’s start over again
You will see how it’s like to have you come and reign

Deafening is your silence and I can’t bear it anymore
‘Cause you give my life color it is you I honor
With your deafening silence gone it is time to celebrate
No more lies no more hate so now I feel so great.

Waves Wash Away

In this world of lies and empty smiles
Of gadgets and of virtual friends
Waves wash away the unwanted thoughts
And bring them far to far-flung place

In this world of many two-faced people
And mind you they are those that rule
Waves wash away all the frustration
And toss them to the god Poseidon

Waves wash away yes waves do wash
To shores all burdens they smash
For us to feel strong again
And be just like uncanny men.

Let Me Love You From Afar

Let me love you from afar though it will just leave a scar
Bring you things you need at times so long as I can see are smiles

Let me love you from afar Let me make you live as star
Turn to me when she makes lies and i will answer all your whys

Let me love you silently Let me laugh with you so free
For it’s the only thing I can It’s better than I will have none

For thorns of pain I’ll gladly bear As long as I can see you near
Though never would you recognize The longing that is in my eyes

But I will love you just the same although your eyes look far to claim
Who knows someday you’ll find some time to see me and our worlds will rhyme

Earth, Wind, Fire and Water

She and her warmth,and her smile so lady-like

When she giggles and runs-oh so childlike

When she runs her fingers everything blooms

The air is filled with lots of perfumes


She’s the carefree child, so wild and gleeful

She laughs and shouts with her heart that is full

When she’s mad she destroys everything that’s in sight

But caresses when relaxed and you will feel light


She’s a woman so hot, raging and bold

She’ll express anything that is I was told

When in rage she’ll devour all the things that she sees

But when calm she’ll give warmth and you’ll be at ease


And this woman that’s next is a giver of life

Love her and she’ll make a very good wife

She will save everyone from pain and from harm

Treat her right treat her well and let her be calm


These ladies these sisters dynamic and bold

So inseparable though different what a sight to behold

They complement each other and should not separate

For without the other we will have sad fate.




In My Spare Time

In my spare time And time won’t be a problem

I do my favorite thing And stare at the moon

The moon’s beauty is unexplanable

In all its glory One can stare lovingly

And a lake of emotions will flow Without panic

Just pure bliss Just pure bliss.

I am Homeless

Glances of adults glaces of kids

Glances that say I smell

Glances you give because I’m poor

Glances for the man of the hour


Alms that you give I snap hungrily

Straight to my trembling lips you see

Alms that you give me, the more that I feel weak

Go straight to my pocket its a treasure to keep


I will not hurt you, bite I will not

Do not be afraid I have a good heart

Homeless I may be homeless homeless bound

If you treat me nice a good one you will find.

I Praise The Rain

For  bathing me so hard so my tears won’t be noticed

For taking away my pain and bringing joy and bliss

For waiting comfortably ’til I’m ready to come home

I praise my friend-the rain with it as if I’m home


For caressing my skin my hair and then my feet

For hiding all my sobs so they won’t see my pain

For blocking all my cries so people will not hear

I praise my friend-the rain that never fails to cheer


The rain my dear dear friend is quiet and sincere

It listens to my rants and even my own fear

Always like a cane when times I need a hand

I praise my friend-the rain one in a million kind.

The Road is Far and Long

Do not rest yet my love the road is far and long

Rest is not yet in sight we’ll sing another song

Another song that leads that leads to where we’ll go

So don’t rest yet my love don’t rest yet this I know


The long and winding  road will lead us to a place

Where dreams are just at hand and so within our reach

We’ll work out very hard to get what we desire

Then walk away again into the farther far.



To Where the Fairies Dance (Pantou)

The bird just flew to where the  fairies dance

A dance of merriment and a dance from the heart

She saw some few who sang in glee

Together nonstop the morning came so free


A dance of merriment a dance from the heart

Can charm every creature and come be a part

Together nonstop the morning came so free

And the creatures up there laugh out happily


Can charm every creature and come to be a part

And the creatures up there laugh out happily

And the creatures up there laugh out  happily

And little bird just his never-ending story.