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Wonder to be a honey bee

The honey bees buzz,

Like a lemonade fizz.

They take honey from flowers,

They are Honey’s lover.

They are very hurry,

To take honey.

If it is time to home,

They return back to their comb.


Amicable life

An amicable life fulfilled with hap,

They could lead a charmed life,

With infinity felicity.

You may get a destiny,

Or maybe a surprise power,

To lead a amicable life.

To win it we should be,

Adorable with everyone,

To be kind pleasant.

To lead an amicable life,

Agree the collusion of the god,

Which contains his wishes,

With the name of the god,the most merciful.

The relish

The relish depends on Jazzy dine,

With the yummy vine.

Vine stored in a hoard,

With a gratify hour.

The relish takes place in a crypt,

In a large estate,

Their dine was Madeira cake,

With a creamy lake.

There were many jest,

And this party was the best.‏

Flying along wind

Flying on the wind,

It is a heavenly dream.

Racing with the birds in fluffy clouds,

Seems to be happier and it cannot be fair.

Watching the children’s kite,

And the travelling in flight.

Birds chirping sound,

Enter the ear aloud.

Enjoying with the wind blow,

We fall in wind’s love.


Candies tree

If a candies tree appear,

If it grows candy cane.

Red for blood,

White for pure milk.

Branches are covered with chocolate cream.

Golden bell on the top of the tree.

Shimmery honey makes the tree shine.

And Puffy  cotton candy spread here and there.

Cloud shape cotton candy,

Taste  like a pink milk,

Colourful lollipop  here and there.

Pop pop lollipop.

Lick lick  tasty pop.

The sour balls and gummy bears like Jimmy Jam,

Jolly rancher lollipop blast like a bomb.

The slimy  creams come out.

And, the ginger bread man smile from,

The candy makes more enjoyable

Sleeping on the climbers

Sleeping on the climbers,

Seems to be happier.

But,it cannot be fair.

I thought it for a dozen times,

But,it vain.

Thousands of lichens around it.

It has given a beautiful shape.

And,the sweet smells of

The colorful flowers.

The rise of the snow

Falls on it,

And seems to be a nature scene.

Sparkling stones under it,

And the army of ants

Hiding here and there.

Songs of the birds,

Give the picnic fun.

Blow of wind,

Makes nice to sleep.

Sleeping on the climbers,

Seems to be happier

And, dozen of things to enjoy.

Beach party

The coconut tree,

The bright sea and,

The sunny sun,

Give so fun.

In the beach party,

We have hot tea,

And watch bright sea,

The coconut water plucking is not a matter.

We watch bright sea,

And,the buzzing honey bee.

We take sun bath,

Which makes fells good.

In the beach party,

We have fun day.

Alone fields

No one in the fields,

Tiny rest in shield.

Technology change,

Every people are strange.

Seeds get the destroyed by pesticides,

No one to see when they have sight.

Alone house and hungry mouse,

Alone trees and pleasant breeze.

No one to enjoy except the keen,

They are nature’s queen.

I request not to destroy the nature,

and i our  future.

I advise you too keep clean,

And to keep green.

Watching the movement of the clock

Spending time for watching the movement of the short hand.

It takes much more time to notice it

b‎ut, daily it vain.

Watching it daily it have become as my hobby,

We will feel quite boring and sleepy when we start to see it,

Watching the movement of the clock will be interesting,

It will be quite funny and will be also be boring too.

I am very glad after I have seen it once.

I have got a good result for spending my time for this…