It’s been a long time
since I’ve managed to blink
for fear that I’ll miss
something important

I wanted to know
the truth of all creation
and I’ve regretted it
ever since

The Color of Melancholy

Sitting in the grass fields,

sucking on lavender roots;

some bitter reminder that

yesterday is forever gone.


Riding with no saddle along

cobblestone roads, broken

by centuries of chains.

Confetti flecks of crimson.


Sunny hours marked by

midday drizzles, and the

prisms of color left behind:

holy and hollow both.


Wild winter nights under

midnight blankets pocked

with quartzite watchers

who never dared touch us.


Lock that up

throw out the key.

The prose from early childhood

no longer works for me.


He floats around with an occasional wail


There’s nothing left for us to do


I once tried to reach out for him


My fingers slipped through like mist


The long game makes us weary

Go, go, go

The old saying goes

“Dont bite off more

than you can swallow”

or chew or

something like that,

I don’t remember.


All I’m sure of is

I’ve done exactly that

V.R. Dannenberg

I am a undergrad at SOU in Ashland, OR. I also studied in Manhattan for two years, and often travel between my homes in SoCal and Mexico. While I more often write fiction (dark, urban, etc.), I’ve recently found a great passion for poetry as well and am excited to participate in this marathon for the first time!