First Move – Prompt Four

He sees her in the shadows despite his friends

She grabs her books when someone approaches her

She turns and butterflies create flutters in her stomach

He gazes upon her as she turns to face him

He mumbles a few words asking her to a movie

She nods her head despite not knowing what he says

She feels faint as he smiles brightly at her

He walks away, trying his hardest not to skip

He hears giggles, and his smile widens further

She realizes then that her dreams had come true

She had said yes to starting a relationship with him

He doesn’t care as he took the first step to be with her

The End – Prompt One

Slow, shallow breaths fill the air

An pained cough forces out

Silent tears fall down her face

As others sob in loss

She fought a hard battle

But cancer has won again

As her life has faded

To its final end.

So excited

This is my first marathon, and I’m excited to read others work as well as post my own 😀