Can You Imagine (Prompt 23)

I didn’t create imaginary friends
My sense of reality far too critical
I once asked the tooth fairy for her picture
To prove that she was real

Somewhere in between I did believe
In magic and intention
More times than can be mentioned
Things occurred which challenged reason

In my loneliness I thought
That if I wanted something hard enough
If I wished for it and pictured it
It would surely come to be

Then I found the bead

Small plastic and purple tucked into the dirt
Overflowing with excitement I felt
I’d found the golden ticket or
Been given magic beans

A bead became a seed
One I planted and I planned to grow
A best friend that would love me
And I believed without a single doubt

She’d have a common name
Easy to spell, unlike my own
Dark hair and pale skin
I wanted the opposites of me

I would know her by her favorite color
She’d love purple and butterflies
Long eyelashes and she’d always laugh
And she’d want to hold my hand

What I planted in the sand
Was just a random piece of plastic
But I still believe in her
And I still believe in magic

Hair Weaving (Prompt 22)

Grandmother used to braid feathers into my hair
Her dark skin and eyes contrasted
My blonde and green

When friends began to pass away
I braided feathers into my hair
And did not remove them
Until they fell out on their own

There were feathers when I lost my grandfather
Then my great grandfather and at least 7 friends
I lost count of how many have been worn
Spirit wings of mourning meant to carry love onwards

Nest (Prompt 21)

My longing for space has evolved rapidly
I want to wrap barbed wire around my body
Don’t touch don’t come closer
I want a landline so I can be inaccessible
Leave me a message and I’ll get back to you
When I’m able
When I’m stable

I want the sun
Not just metaphorically, I mean
I want the scalding blistering heat
The blinding
I want to make a nest
And sleep until my body is dark
but my mind is not

Nightlight (Prompt 20)

You once told me that I was the light that guided you
Whenever you felt lost
A northern star or lighthouse
Something twinkling and fragile
Yet pierced through the dark nights

I think of that when I turn on my nightlight
The fairy nestled in her chair of crescent moon
I wonder if that’s what I looked like
If you walked easier knowing that you had me
If you felt cared for even in my absence

Moral Disconnect (Prompt 19)

What is the importance of one strand of hair
one grain of sand
one drop of water
one singular ant

Don’t make this political
it’s critical you understand
that choosing not to take a stand
is part of the problem

It doesn’t affect you personally
you’re just one vote
you’re just one voice
you say it doesn’t make a difference

The difference between us is not
race gender financial
age orientation preference
and it is not an opinion

If everyone decided all at once
their voice doesn’t matter
their vote doesn’t matter
their support doesn’t matter

The world would never change
you cannot count on others
to care any more than you do
it’s your choice to not contribute

This is moral obligation
and you just can’t be bothered
so I won’t bother
with you

Stray Cat (Prompt 18)

Somewhere in her later teens
Halloween came unexpectedly
Unprepared and scared of being the only person
Out of costume
She strapped on black corset
Had best friend cinch it
Black fur coat
Leather leggings
Cat ear headband

Skinny stray cat wandering up streets
Trick or treating
Heart beating from candy or cocaine
Always slick and strutting
Looking for a home
Needs more sweetness than chocolates
Less doors being closed

Pay Phone (Prompt 17)

I guess I can be thankful
That payphones are rare to come across
One less reminder of the child that never got to be a child
In photographs it doesn’t look like me
My therapist pointed out that I say “it”
So far removed from that little girl
Could be a stock photo in a frame

I carry so much with me
Fractured memories but some are sharper
The darker ones seems to be the trend
Mother shaking me awake
We need to leave
No time for shoes
Climb over the patio wall
Go quickly quietly don’t look back
If anything happens run just run okay
My bare feet on cold concrete felt like we walked for miles
Gas station payphone you start to dial
I’m looking at you now

Your face is all running mascara and blood
I don’t know what to do
You don’t tell me what I should do
So I go inside and get some napkins
Clean your face up for you while you sob
While you find someone to pick us up
That’s when the cycle started for me

I learned that night that if
I don’t know what to do
I should just take care of someone
A loophole to feeling helpless
Constantly of service
Patching up wounds so that I don’t notice
My own

My feet are cold but I have the urge
To make someone else feel better

Stranger (Prompt 16)

I don’t need anything from you
I don’t need rings promises proclamations
I don’t need reassurance or grand gestures
I just don’t want us to ever become strangers again

Wet (Prompt 15)

Bronzed goddess savior with a septum ring and easy smile
Island girl comes to the rescue I just met you but it doesn’t matter
My soul already knows my soul knows that it knows yours
Paddle boarding take me to your favorite beach kiss me ocean salty lover sweet
Why didn’t I meet you sooner and why do I have to leave

4th of July straight from Lanikai to catch a flight my swimsuit soaking through my clothes
And your car but you make sure I understand that you don’t care it’s just saltwater
More saltwater comes when we try to say goodbye why am I crying we just met
Why is every part of me wet I just don’t get it

Hair begins to dry crunched curls
Salt streaked cheeks from missing a girl
Before my flight even takes off

4th of July straight from Lanikai, made my flight but cried all the way to my gate
Fireworks going off somewhere couldn’t care less a dripping mess I just feel wet
Missed her mouth all the way home didn’t matter to miss fireworks
She brought more extravagance and light than they ever could have

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