Jueju-a Chinese style of poetry

Two couplets organized in a quatrain each line having 5 or 8 syllables.


Holding on to me too tightly

Having you cling to me closely

Hoping you would let me breathe

Helping you not to tightly squeeze

Faithful Friend

He sticks closer to me than any human.

Doesn’t judge me and takes me for who

I am. Ready to play frisbee toss and walk

the farmer’s fields looking for deer paths.


I am the Alpha of the pack, he is the Beta,

but he pays no mind to that, except when

correction is needed. Bad breath and

slobbering tongue do not stand in the way.


He squats on the grass and does his

business and then expects me to clean up.

which I reluctantly do since he doesn’t

use a litter box or know how to flush.


He wakes me up at 2 or 3 or 4 AM whatever

suits his fancy. He doesn’t mind that I cant

go back to sleep. But lays back down in his

corner and drops in to canine slumber.


He can be a royal pain. But all in all

I would not trade him for all of the

gold in the world. Or for a cat either.


Inky dark night. Jewels in the heavens sparkle like diamonds in a necklace. The Seven Sisters wink seductively while trying to sit in Cassiopeia’s Chair. Orion chases Ursa Major and her cub when he stops to slake his thirst from the Big Dipper. Great Leo butts’ heads with fleecy Aries. Sirius the Dog Star is the glowing eye of Canis Major as she helps Orion track Ursa. Faint Polaris guides mariners to home port from the tail of the Little Dipper.

A new moon

A black palette rules the sky

Stars come out to play

Distant galaxies show off their faint pinprick lights through holes in the black curtain. Sagittarius points the way to the center of the Milky Way where star forming clusters give birth to baby stars from their nurseries and old stars blow up and die. In the middle lie the supermassive black holes that swallow all light in to their mighty maws and bend time and gravity to their will.

Are they our home

We are formed from their dust

Will we return.

Ekphrastic poem The Last Leaf at Myrtle Beach

The Last Leaf at Myrtle Beach


The last leaf at Myrtle Beach.

Holding on for who knows what.

His friends have all preceded him,

alone in the sand he lies.


He is unattached with no

commitments. Red with

embarrassment about his



Waiting for the last wave

to carry him to his watery grave.

He leaves a shadow in the sand,

does the last leaf at Myrtle Beach.



A Cinquain poem is 5 lines with the following syllabic counts. The first line is the noun (title)

  1. 2
  2. 4
  3. 6
  4. 8
  5. 2


Tranquil water

washes over my soul.

Cleanses memories of you, I

am free.





Stone posts stuck in the ground

mark life’s fleeting journey.

From birth to death we are

reminded of our odyssey.


Sometimes viewed ahead,

sometimes seen behind.

Some people have many stone,

others have very few.


These small stones tell the tales

of our triumphs and tragedies

from toe- stubbers to monumental

boulders that weigh on our shoulders.


Some are smooth with

ease, contentment and joy

Others are crevassed and cracked

with guilt, shame and travail.


A new stone is etched

at birth with our first cry.

With our final breath an

old stone marks our death.











A Tanka is another ancient Japanese form consisting of 5 lines.


Sweet melodies float through the air

Sounds of peace, love, hope, joy

Voices in time and harmony

Bittersweet memories of

The bond we shared.


A word of explanation.

I accidentally published at 1126 originally. This is actually my 12 Noon publish.

Diamante style poems cane be antonyms-which is what is presented here.

Line 1 Noun

Line two adjectives pertaining to line 1

Line 3 3 gerunds pertaining line 1

Line 4 two nouns to line 1 and 2 nouns to line 7

Line 5 3 gerunds to line 7,

Line 6 two adjectives to line 7

Line 7 Opposite noun




wonderful, playful

exciting, sacrificing, helping

marriage, friends, enemies, anger

fighting, gossiping, murdering

forceful, vengeful


Poems-an Acrostic



Putting them on paper as we empty

Our souls. They play with our

Emotions while we meditate on what we write. It

Seems to me, therefore, we should always get it right!