Hour Ten

Write a poem where color plays an important role. How you choose to interpret that role is up to you.


By Patricia Harris

Sunset crimson,

Closing the dark eyes

At the end of life.


Seeping,  weeping

Lines too true,

Spreading out,

Staining the floor

A darker than red,

So much darker it’s dead.


Sorrow weeping,

Forgotten shades.

Anger seeping out

Coloring the rest

Shades of only red.

Hour Nine

Write a poem about a spider. This poem should not rhyme.



By Patricia Harris

Living in the corners,

Making my own home

Within another.


Crawling around,

Avoiding any trying to smash,

Clearing pests to feed

Trying to survive in the concrete


Hour Eight


The prompt for hour eight is to write a golden shovel. Not familiar with the form? That is not surprising, it was created in 2010 by the poet Terrance Hayes in his poem The Golden Shovel.

It is pretty simple though. First you take a line or lines from a poem you admire.

Use each word from the line(s) as the end word of each of the lines in your poem. So for example if you used a line with ten words, your poem should be ten lines long.

Keep those words in order.

Original poem

I shall not care by Sara Teasdale

Golden Shovel poem

By Patricia Harris


In learning more about I,

The ego shall

In all likelihood not

Include how to for oneself care.


Hour seven

“Write a poem from the inside out.”

From the Inside Out

By Patricia Harris


Anxious about what is seen.


Through the curtains again.


That I must go out and be seen.



My head up,


My hands out.


My day off,  anxiously.

Hour Five

Write a poem about a specific location that meant a lot to you as a child or teenager that you have not returned to in many years. It could be a house, a park, a country, anywhere that had particular significance. The focus of the poem could be on the location itself, or it could be on something(s) that happened there, or someone you spent a lot of time with there.

Who I was

By Patricia Harris

The cabin in the mountains

Made me who I would grow to be,

The stream to drink from

Taught me a different

Way to see.


In the way of life,

Makes one realize

More about possibility.


An outhouse and barely even

Has electricity,

Gather water from the stream,

With a natural quiet

That encourages the soul to dream.


Childhood paradises

Are only adult memory.

Time encapsulated

In sentimentality.

Hour Four

Prompt For Hour Four

The prompt for this hour is to write a four stanza poem. The stanzas can be as long or short as you want them to be. In each of the stanzas, you most repeat one of the lines in the first stanza. It can be the same line repeated in each stanza or a different line in each stanza.  This can have a dramatically different effect, depending on the length of the line and the length of the stanza.

By Patricia Harris

Chores to be done,

Weary soul still on the run,

No peace to be found,

No place to lay my head.


Chores to be done,

The list miles long,

Each one something that must be done,

Before I can rest my weary soul.


Weary soul still on the run,

Ignoring all that must be done,

Pretending that I can do it all,

In just one day.


No peace to be found,

In a world of war and strife,

Looking at the way I live,

Questioning how I live my life.

Hour Three

Motel Eternity

By Patricia Harris

Promises broken

Beneath the neon sign,

Under the night sky

I sit wondering why.

Questioning self,

And the reasoning

That I choose to even believe

In an illusion called eternity.


Temporal misnomer,

No longer assured

That I will even see the like

Of an eternity I will ever enjoy.

Knowing the definition

Of now,

Only feeling disjointed

As I realize that my choices

Lead me to see what

The illusion is in truth to be.


Hour Two

How do we share yearnings when we cannot speak of them?


By Patricia Harris

Tongue tied,

Frustration cried.

No words to say a tired mind,

To speak the desire,

The dreams behind.


Reaching out,

Soul to soul,

Hoping that though the

Words will not come,

That still the desire will flow.

That somehow you will see

The desire within me.

Hour one

Prompt one 9 am Write a poem in which the four elements (Earth, Wind, Fire, and Water) play an important part.


By Patricia Harris

Earth to ground me,

All around me.

Solid,  comforting,

Affected by all I see,

The comfort of me.


Air to cool me,

Lift me up,

Release the stress

Carried away,

Just to deal with

Some other day.



For passion,

Love,  lust,  and anger,

Burns away the darkness,

Setting the imagination

Blazing with so many ideas.



Churning emotional tides,

Soft soothing depths in which to hide.

Washing away all my sins,

Keeping me sure and clean within

As it all starts over again.


And lastly,  never least,

The element of spirit

Both divine and the one within,

A connection with the universe

Blessed and perverse,

Combining all elements

To a song and verse.

Hello all!

I am trying this, hopefully I do well with it. I am doing the full marathon, or at least going to attempt it. I am a poet and a author. Currently, I have ten volumes of poetry on amazon and three children’s books. I also write horror and other adult themed stories as Serena Mossgraves.