Hour 12 – Time

I call the time,

The time, which is in my hand,

I call the minutes,

The minutes, which are at the time.

Then I try to stop the time for life span.


In harmony of time,

In spite of everything,

This waterway knows more,

Because it will not intend for it.

It is in search of its path.


Even I could not touch the mirror,

Which reflects me my image,

The mirror was very chill.

Though I fall into a dream,

Find myself in a dark room.


No light, No window, No door,

But still I saw a shadow,

A shadow of false faces,

Mourning and Sobbing,

Asking to go back.

Hour 11 – Dream

In the streams of stars

I expect your hand

Where we walk and dance

On the imaginary island

The beeps of birds

The silence of love

And the whispering of water

All are fading from my world

Hour 10 – Beautiful Rainbow

I am a rainbow

But it resolves into rows

Of seven beautiful colors

When we met, it turns red

Yellow and Orange are favorite dress

To relieve my daily stress

In the rainy green valley

I often felt the smell of indigo roses

The blue sky and violet bird

Is the real reality of my life


Hour 9 – Spider

I have ambitions

To conquer the world

Of my dreams

As a spider did

To climb up the walls –

Never giving up the effort

Examine the tact of spider

It never webs on the floor

Hour 8 – Golden Shovel Format

My attempt at a golden shovel below:

Original Line from ‘the Rape of the Lock’ by Alexander Pope

(Charms strike the sight, but merit wins the soul)


A bounteous gathering of lovely charms

With floating eyes, which are about to strike

Among the cloud of expectations and the

Hope – Is a bubbling rain that sets the sight

Slowly this love swings between if and but

Everyone tries to evaluate the merit

Who endures the pain and everything wins?

But who don’t compromise on the

Situation, must weed on existence of soul



Hour 7 – Inside Out

An angel descended from heaven

A bud and blossom to heaven

In heart, a corner never shown

Honey, by you I have known

So precious, and priceless pearl

May you remain in happy whirl

You are the harbinger of my proud

May worries wipe from your surround

Your chuckles are like morning bell

My life and dreams within you dwell

A sweet blessing so beautiful too

My source of strength is you

Once you lodged into my womb

Now your face is about to bloom


Hour 6 – Everlasting Love

O my spring!

Every moment with you is a wild ecstasy

I have nothing to cascade, but volume of;

For every warm, for ever painting; for every young, passion of love

To wed peace and pleasure while smacking palms

With a slimy bliss for unforgettable duration…


O my all in all!

I have nothing to present, but a beaker of wine

With delicious taste and matchless kind of blissful pleasure

Let us satiate our love

At the brim with winking beaded bubbles of wine

Till the last drop of unfathomable measure…


O my mellow soul!

Even you can’t perceive my numberless mirth

For being my part like a hemisphere of earth

All my seasons within you are dwell

Ring them darling, with melodious bell

Want to frame you in galaxy of flowers

To gaze you, my bosom, hours by hours.

Hour 5 – My Country

The country where I spend my old days

Observing natural phenomena under sun rays

The place, I enjoyed my childhood

To cherish my memories for good

My country is Pakistan, a happy place

A house of food and loyal face

Its streets were blooming with flower

I met with my love at this hour

Hour 4 – That’s why I love you so on…

Your friendship keeps me calm,

In the office, home and farm

Your call is my happy alarm

That’s why I love you so on…


Your love makes me warm

In rainy season and under storm

You are my only lucky charm

That’s why I love you so on…


Your company protects me from harm

In the individual attack or swarm

You lock me while arm in arm

That’s why I love you so on…

Hour 3: Journey of Self

Forlorn, Forlorn, my smile has gone

Do come if deep concern to be shown

Every moment my heart was aching

Still tried to live for my darlings saking

Ruminate for awhile, what I felt

All matters how were to be dealt

 A long journey of sorrows and pains

Shaked my identity for spiritual gains

I learned the art of selfless smile

We all are registered in immortal file

I don’t need you for the fun

Lavish love to all instead of one

Usually the world deserts me in the dark

The only place where my inside spark