I can’t

I look into the faces
Of those that pass me by
Brokenness and anguish
That cannot be disguised

Behind their painted faces,
The Masks they dare not shed
Are the windows to their souls
In which the Faint of heart won’t tread

One whose heart is small
In comparison to the Maker
Will try to look beneath
A mask that does not waver

A heart naught for this world
That loves in truest form
The rarest of all treasures
To few, this heart is born

This heart must understand
Though it tries to be so brave
That there are just some people
That this heart just can’t save

This heart must be protected
Even more so than the rest
And wait for God to give it
To one that He deems best

A poet reborn

Words flow like a river
Bursting a damn
Finding the beauty
In all that i am
The wall has been broken
No more wasted time
My heart comes alive
With every penned line

Come Home

Gone without a trace
Million pictures of your face
No one has seen or heard
You have sent no word
The joy inside is gone
Without you life feels wrong
No laughter fills the air
I wait but its not there
No smile to greet my day
Why did you leave this way
Your future once was bright
Now blotted out by night
How my heart does ache
A smile I cannot fake
Joy filled memories we made
Have now begun to fade
Please just come back home
I need to know you’re not alone

Come Away

Come away with me
from city rush and lights
A canopy of stars
Awaits us on this night

We’ll take my jeep off-road
And find some mud to play
Drop a line in the lake
And just forget the day

The moon will be our clock
We have time to spare
We’ll just lay there and dream
And forget our every care

So come with me my darling
Forget the daily grind
We’ll fall asleep together
And find our peace of mind

No home

The sun on my back
The wind in my hair
Some people may say that Im poor
My life i wont trade
For their masquerade
To me its their life thats a bore

A suit for a backpack
High heels for boots
City lights for the stars in the night
Skyscrapers for trees
Dirt on my knees
Nothing but mountains in sight

No hustle or bustle
Just me and the land
A knife and a poles all i need
Just give me this life
No worries no strife
Free from the rat race and greed

First Kiss

A catch of the eye
A smile sweetly shared
Many words spoken
Two hearts ensnared
A touch of a hand
Fingers intwined
Hearts quickly beating
Walk side by side
Turns in to face
slight hesitation
Lips gently touch
Vibrant sensation
The world fades away
Even as the lips part
They walk away full
Though theyve each lost their heart


wood creaks as i walk
Theres silence, no talk
Sweet gentle sigh
A breeze flowing by
The light slowly fading
Night is invading
To home i should go
Yet onward i flow
The edge of the night
No glimmer of light
The sun is asleep
But Longer i creep
Then in a wink
Small lights flicker and blink
Soon light up the sky
In the blink of an eye
The heavens declare
I cant help but stare
The beauty i see
Was put there for me


The clouds reflect the memories past
Wind sweeps them away, never to last
secrets held so deep in this place
Impressions of every emotion and face
A place once with life, now empty and bare
No laughter to warm it, no sorrow to share
A gentle reminder to all that pass by
Life passes quickly, like the blink of an eye


A heartfelt prayer whispered
In the stillness of the night
Lingers in the silence
Until the morning light

The Suns mighty rays burst forth
And thrusts it to the sky
Then is gently carried
By a breeze passing by

It makes its way toward Heaven
Where a messenger awaits
To take it swiftly onward
To a throne beyond the gates

The prayer engulfs the throne room
A melody it brings
The King bends in to listen
As the soul within it sings


Amidst the growing chaos

in the recesses of my mind

a tiny flame is burning

for reasons yet to find

each day it grows stronger

brighter, hotter still

creating such a longing

an emptiness to fill

nothing can contain it

out of all control

it burns deep within me

for reasons i don’t yet know

I seek to find its meaning

i cry deep in the night

to solve this burning mystery

has now become my plight