Hour 12

Where there is hope, there is life

Where there is hope, there is faith

Where there is hope, there is courage


With faith, courage and life we can achieve unachievable

With hope we can think big

If we think big then only can we work on it’s behalf

With our spirits uplifted we can walk the path of success


Hope also brings confidence

Self confidence helps to set realistic expectations and goals

But if you don’t have hope

You will be scared to step forward and do something new


Hope is like the first ray of Sun

Just when we think the darkness will never go

A single ray of Sun

Drives the darkness not only outside but also from within


Concrete jungle

Hour 11

Monotonous grey buildings everywhere

Can’t walk without bumping into others

Living our same mechanical lives

Same routine, same ugly views


Yearning for some green views

For the glimpse of a flowing river

To walk under tall trees

Here even the plants are artificial


Lungs filled with polluted air

Stomach filled with junk food

Mind filled with insecurities

This concrete jungle is eating us inside out

Love of Cheese

Hour 10

What is the use of being a mouse?

If you can’t smell the cheese out?

Just before the sunset

Rick saw a big chunk of cheese on the kitchen table


Now the kitchen is locked

Keys tucked in the pocket of the Chef

Rick is known for digging big

But today he was confused


Not a whiff of cheese for a clue

He almost started doubting his sense of smell

Can only trust his gut feeling

Without ado he started digging


He was sure, he was under the kitchen

Started digging to enter

He knew he has hit the jackpot

Not the kitchen but the larder, full of cheese

Athletes village

Hour 9

Running swiftly and steadily

Almost 2 km left to reach school

5 km back and forth, daily

Has made their limbs stronger


The Panchayat is known for it’s contribution of athletes

There are no schools within the radius of 5 km

Every child has to travel far to reach school

Which has made them athletes before they even they know the meaning of an athlete


All the competition eliminated

Nobody can challenge these children

They don’t even need to practice

All they have done throughout their life is running


My mother’s ‘Sambar’

Hour 7

Extra Terrestrial life is irrelevant

Water on Moon, insignificant

Time travel is immaterial

The biggest mystery of my life is how to make ‘Sambar’ like Mom


No matter how hard I tried

No matter how I copy the ingredients

No matter how I perfect the timings

Just can’t make ‘Sambar’ like her


I think my own Mom is bluffing me

Not telling me the exact measures

Or maybe the exact ingredients

Perhaps she has altogether skipped some spices


Enough is enough It’s time to confront her

Get that recipe out of her

“Mom, just give it already” I said

“It’s the only thing that you connect with me” she said


Rashmi S Kurup


The day I met a Goblin

Hour 6

One fine day

I went for a walk

There came a dog

And began to bark


I cried for help

But no-one was there

Suddenly appeared a Goblin

Who came from nowhere


He was a small fellow

With a long long beard

He began to ask

Whose cry he has heard


He looked at the dog

And then looked at me

“Why are you bothering him,

He belongs to me”


His face turned red

And he waved his hand

Suddenly appeared a stick

Which looked like magic wand


It was no wand

That  I soon realised

He wipped me hard

Till I wept and cried


He was gone as he came

And my face was stained with tears

I used to dream of Goblins

But now they are my fears


Do you dear readers

Believe this story sad

Or do you by anyway

Think that I’ve gone mad


Kaleidoscope a mirage

Hour 5

As a child, for science project I made a ‘Kaleidoscope’

As a mom for my child’s project I made a ‘Kaleidoscope’

I love looking at the different shades of colours reflected

I just love to admire the beautiful patterns formed


Thinking about my life I started feeding depressed

So many colours missing

So many patterns missing

So many shades missing


Looking through the ‘Kaleidoscope’

My life would have been so much colourful

So full of mysteries

I would have captured so many shades


I sighed and put down the ‘Kaleidoscope’

For the first time saw the real world

I saw beautiful colours, unimaginable shades and patterns

It’s time we put down the ‘Kaleidoscope’


Rashmi S Kurup


Hour 4

Life would have been so much simple

If there was a cookbook for life

No mistakes will be committed

No blunders would be made


Exact how much time should be put on each relation

How much should your friendship simmer

How much efforts to be put on pleasing others

For how long the trust be marinated


How much heat should be put while raising children

How much spice added in your marital life

How much sweetness to be added for your in-laws

How salty should you be with your colleagues


A life with no mistakes is impossible

A life with no blunders unimaginable

You can’t please everybody

But I’m still waiting for that cookbook


Rashmi S Kurup


Hour 3

Oh look! “The best couple”

Completing each other’s words

Helping each other in chores

Being there for each other


Holding hands, all lovey-dovey

Always kissing goodbyes

Calling eachother cute names

Always smiling at eachother


So, how do they manage?

How is it possible?

When couples are related with fighting.

Doing just the opposite?


Life is not always agreeable

To keep up with the up’s and down’s is tough

A lot of understanding and patience is needed

A fine line balance is needed


Rashmi S Kurup