Summer Time

Its so great to see the beautiful Beaches

Lay in the sun

Feel the gentle breeze blowing

Enjoy the sand and sea

Just to know we have it all

Is a wonderful blessing to me.

True Colours

If Colours were all we had

This would be a colourful world

It takes time to know

That not all that glitter’s is gold

Sometimes the things you love

It does not make any sense

as it may not understand

the colour of your love

I can see true colours shining through

It all shows in a different light

That’s right.

Fountain Garden


Make it your way
never sway as it is like day
It can be cruel, fueled by many things
Just hold on
Cause we all know
this too will pass.
Gaze into the blue sky
and see that your morning is
very near don’t give up
Hold on.

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