Hour 18

Weird as it may seem
The fight is on to push
Forward in this race to the finish
So hold on just a few more
Hours to go.

Truth be told
Life is full of surprises
It’s a great way to start
Being a great individual
Comes with greatness so keep pushing forward you cannot give up now.

copyright 2016 Roxann A Harvey

Hour 17

Through the toil
My heart was tired
From all the spoil
A torment of hate
Was what he made my fate

Ripping into the emotions
Of his lover
Never seem to bother him at all
His torture was like silk to him
Yet her eyes throbbed with pain

See the tears as they run down her face like the dew running down leaves
Scattered in distress
She cling to the one thing she
Felt was love , her poetry

Gasping for fresh air from emotional pain
She took to pen and paper
Creating an atmosphere of pleasure
Which kept her through the displeasure.
Hope in words keep her sanity.

copyright 2016 Roxann A Harvey

Hour 16

Paper clips are dingli
So don’t just look at them
Have fun with them
Paper clips are dingli

copyright 2016 Roxann A Harvey

Hour 15

I pump blood through the body
I have a very important Job
To perform I am made up of muscle

I am divided in four
So come check out
My Left ventricle, talk about my Left atrium, see my cousin the Right Atrium and Right ventricle

Oxygenated blood enters the lungs flows through the left atrium then into the aorta , then to the superior and inferior vena cava which goes through the tricuspid valve then to the pulmonary veins.

I am such a small
But strong organ in the body
So don’t you worry
I am also strong enough
To do my job.

copyright 2016 Roxann A Harvey

Hour 14

Trees growing in the Forest
Budding sprouts all about
Out in woods the insects quake
Running around like a pedal

Crocking comes from the shurb
Nearby i see them flying
It was just a picture perfect
Little dessert sage
Coming to life.

Butterflied fly high
Leaping into the sky
Finding peace beneath
Leaves under the bough.

Hour 13

Doubt went on a trip to Arkansas
He wisp and played around
He thought oh what a beautiful life
Just to be free out in the light.

Dreaming of a life so free
He ventured into the enchanted wood
To see how wonderful it wpuld be
He saw trees spring up
Birds chirping in trees

Late evening came
He said oh I am lost
How will I find my way
He saw a little hut
Went in to peek

Well kept and neat
Just what he needed
So he went into sleep
The others wondered
Where was mr doubt
As he was ni where
To be found.

Hour 12

Wow its a Panic
When you are in a canopy
Going through the trees
Jumping in a Jeep
Heading straight for the moon
They saw glory through
The eyes of a lion.

copyright 2016 Roxann A Harvey

Hour 11

Its my dream to see the stars
My dream my dream my dream
Just look at me now
I am a big deal
was put me in a box like a rectangle

Left to suffer and die
But faith had another destiny
My dream my dream my dream
to reach for the stars
With all my heart.

copyright 2016 Roxann A Harvey

Hour 10

Praise be to the king of kings
The Lord our God he is wonderful
Great are you Lord
You are worthy to be praise
Their is no one greater than you Lord

You are the greatest
Bless your holy name
We call you faithful
Your name is faithful

copyright 2016 Roxann A Harvey

Hour 9

Happiness is fleecing
Happiness is hiding
Happiness is running
Happiness is lost

How do I fund happiness?
How do I harness happiness?
How do I receive happiness?
How do I fulfill happiness?

Inhale happiness
Exhale happiness
Embrace happiness
Believe happiness

copyright 2016 Roxann A Harvey