I am Rebel

Dancing to the music

When the music hits you

You feel no pain

I am a Rebel

Waiting to hear the sounds

Thunder through the clouds

Music gives rhythm to my Swag

Keeping those feet moving

All over the moon lit shores

Music is the greatest

It stabilize your heart

And mesmerize your Brain

without the Drain.

Footprints in the Sand


Mirror of Life

The world is your open heart

An awaken Heart is your Mirror

Oneness with your life is your film

All that surrounds you is your museum

Bright eyes is your camera

Always searching to give to everyone.

mirror of life


Oh so worried and Attractive

Adorable as she twirls

Perfect and humourous

Special and buoyant

Is Steady not a laughing stock

Character is charming

Height is delightful and unfenced

Pious, restful and calm

Thoughtful and honest

Appreciation wishing prosperity

Not excessive only Annual

A Passionate Life.


Refreshed, Renew and Rejuvenated



Some Lessons in life

are best learned through pain

Some times we must lose

In order to gain

Some times we must fail

In order to know

Some times we must be hurt

In order to grow

Pain is temporary you know

You have to go through it

many times though

Hope keeps you going


Think of a River flowing

The beautiful sound it makes

Gives that peace inside that no one knows

You can smell the fragrance as it flows

Oh how I love to see

The Splendor of Nature as I live and breathe

It is a part of me.



Treasure Beach

The name given to four Coves in Jamaica

Nestled in the beautiful Island of sunshine

On the south coast with a people so different

The land Scape is so distinct

The closer you come the more flat plains

You see with fields of low scrub grass

so much like the Savannahs of East Africa

No treasures to be found but its a treasure

In Jamaica Land we love.



Drifting in Dark water



Lost on a Black River

The water is so dark and erry

Feel the vampire bites of the river mosquitoes

on your hands and feet

Death seems to be in the air, as the trees sway in the breeze

The moon lits the river banks

As the boat drifts slowly along

Shadows cast a spooky feel

Nothing to do but wait until day breaks

If no one comes to rescue you

Then the final thought is doom


Look ahead its the crocodiles lair

Oh!! what will be next

Hearing the sounds of the night creatures

Sends chills up your spine

Oh!! its so clear now

A final night stranded on the Black River

As death lurks in the dark waters.

Nothing to do

Time goes by with nothing to do,

Time flies when you have lots to do

Time waits on no one

Time wasted can not be fined

A time to sleep

Atime to weep

A time to stop and think

What next, am I doing my best!

Summer Time

Its so great to see the beautiful Beaches

Lay in the sun

Feel the gentle breeze blowing

Enjoy the sand and sea

Just to know we have it all

Is a wonderful blessing to me.

True Colours

If Colours were all we had

This would be a colourful world

It takes time to know

That not all that glitter’s is gold

Sometimes the things you love

It does not make any sense

as it may not understand

the colour of your love

I can see true colours shining through

It all shows in a different light

That’s right.

Fountain Garden


Make it your way
never sway as it is like day
It can be cruel, fueled by many things
Just hold on
Cause we all know
this too will pass.
Gaze into the blue sky
and see that your morning is
very near don’t give up
Hold on.

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