hour twelve

It’s warmth wraps around me

a woodsy smell envelopes me

it is soft & worn

as I put my arms in its sleeves

I remember, it working

in the woodshop –

Daddy’s workshirt…

soft memories hug me…

hour eleven

the aroma wafts towards my nose,

I think of the hands

that lovingly prepared

those hand-cut

potatoes, thick slices

piled high in the cast iron

cooked to crispy perfection

as my teeth sink in,

ahhh, yummy

grandma’s fried potatoes!

hour ten

boom, clatter, crash

as I sit watching the train slowly pass…

screech, rumble growl

the cars pick up speed…

clackity-clack goes the track

and I watch it go by…

hour nine

the rain beats down on the windshield

wipers bashing at the chaos

trucks splattering more water

than those tiny blades can swipe

cursing the rain, the car zooms along

I’m wishing I had time

to stop and dance in the rain…

Apologies friends…

Well, I thought I’d have all my poems posted by now, however, life intruded…I will try to finish posting them this weekend…

hour eight

as we stand listening to another band

your arm draped across my shoulders

you gently touch my hair

and caress my neck

I lean into your chest, your chin

rests on my head, as the

music joins us, my heart

flutters with joy

hour seven

pen to paper, thoughts

flowing from my brain, escape

poems create themselves

hour six

sunlight breaks the clouds

shining down on me, as I

garden, hands in dirt

hour five

it’s late, the house is quiet

lying in bed,

my mind wanders to memories

from my childhood…

late nite whispers with

my sister,

drives with my parents on Sundays,

trips to the State Fair &

the county fair,

Working in the yard,

or the garden

or the hay field…

Chasing cows while waiting for

the school bus…

those are tears streaming down my face

– yet I smile

hour four

his fingers stroke the strings

the guitar sings the melody

the music creeps into my head

the lyric goes straight to my heart

filling me totally, an endless

feeling, coursing through my veins…

my mind reading the melody

converting it to colors and light

reducing me to tears…

and he smiles, and a wink as

the strain fades…