noon – four – no title

I lay my head back on the chair
close my eyes
as the soft, warm breeze
floats past
the bright sun warms my face
as i drift along
the breeze in my head


9 am – one – no title

my eyes burn
my finger is stuck to the screen
cramps in my hand
the screen is so big!
I’ve laid here for hours
missing the sleep I need
why, why, why
did I get on Facebook?
my timeline rolls by…
as my finger slows the roll
again, why did I come here…

I don’t know…

2020 – let’s try this again!

Well, last time I only made it through twelve hours of the 24. Let’s give it one more try! Looking forward to another attempt!

Darlington Covered Bridge – Darlington Indiana

hour twelve

It’s warmth wraps around me

a woodsy smell envelopes me

it is soft & worn

as I put my arms in its sleeves

I remember, it working

in the woodshop –

Daddy’s workshirt…

soft memories hug me…

hour eleven

the aroma wafts towards my nose,

I think of the hands

that lovingly prepared

those hand-cut

potatoes, thick slices

piled high in the cast iron

cooked to crispy perfection

as my teeth sink in,

ahhh, yummy

grandma’s fried potatoes!

hour ten

boom, clatter, crash

as I sit watching the train slowly pass…

screech, rumble growl

the cars pick up speed…

clackity-clack goes the track

and I watch it go by…