a human soul in life movement

known movement of humanity

seen in history and religions

converging in cultures and governance

always called in its own order


covering in the haven for continuing times

seen in life history humanity learns anew

cornering in the loving movement

converging in the life desires


freedom still freeing out

freedom guarantee

weighing out

still a question remains


Poem # 24

purity of spirit within

pure soul desires for world in order

lifting times engaging for life coverage

movement seen in every human endeavors


lofty spirit for life edging out

the life lessons shared anew

for life converging spirit so desirous


gearing the life movement

formidable unbroken spirit

recovering yet comforting for every humanity

cascading manifesting in every aspect


life continues in flux

covering anew in life movement


Poem # 23


riptide of movements

the turbidity of events seen

movement of human desire

manifesting in the ways of rallies and other ways

manifesting disgust as well as the praises of good governance


movement for future desire enduring

much seen in the ways of humanity

engaging in the life events

movement foreshadowing in latent markers


still a quest unending

for life engagement for surety wailing

lifting times engaging


Poem #22


purgation of life lessons

life challenges

given manifestos

much judgement often clashing

decision makers seekers out


life covering into the life commitment

commitment often in question

arising anew for future reference

reminding in the life metamorphosis


edging out realities

clashing from within

ending anew still refining

purging on what is essentials

returning to basics


Poem # 21

simplicity complexity

cornerstone markers of known spirit

converging in the lineage of new hope

covering in the heart of soul connection

willful spirit for seekers desire


seeking out the life coverage

manifesting in the core knowledge

seeking out ithe life coverage

manifesting in the ways of undertaking


seeking out the life coverage

manifesting into life wisdom

seeking out the life familiarity

manifesting life lessons


Poem # 20


consuming fire of desires

given markers for new challenges

pathway of undertaking

manifesting how one covers life echoes


formalities of new haven keepsake

freedom prevails in the covered moments

seen in the heavenward movers of human desires


position for reference edging out

for lifetime commitment

still a commitment unwavering

still clashing in the riptide of events


when and how for human development

freeing ourselves for latent markers

still manifesting renewing anew


Poem #`19


frugal disposition

the trying times seen in haven for pulsating

pulsation for new coverage

simply amazing how life converging


latent markers new pavement

seen in the pathways of exchanges

sequences consequences whispering

desire of human feats unleashing


converging the posture of human desires

requisites manifesting for reference addressing

featuring in the life connections unleash


Poem #18


poetry of life long spirit

a poem speaks of life

loving encounters day by day

ensuring life coveted moments


seen every life echoes

moving in the heart for new haven

sequence for reference

still much deepens


question unending as mere human fellow

norms received for order

still life question endangers anew

conflicts arising in the human events


what is then humanity?


Poem # 17

Point of Order

lineage of heritage

finding the roots

illusive spirit for new path

much rooted in the ways of life


pointing the life challenging times

coining the right of new norm

coining the times within

restoring the riptide of new culture


restoring into the point of order

still much given still much to do

featuring the life corners

desires of human spirit enriching anew


Poem #16


marching call

the life changing cast call

in the haven for future gathering

serenading the life songs

movement unending


the engagement for lifetime manifestations

converging in the connectivity discourses

seen in the pathway for new desires pondering anew

colossal madness unleashing for life events


it is the pathway for new understanding

calling in the march for life worthy times

questions queries unending often movers

still connectors for life existing


Poem # 15


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