landscape of existence

humanity manifest its works in all arrays

seen in every possibilities working for goal

marvelous movement for lifting times


covering the landscape for human development

still caring for the life stories of every creatures

calling the life coveted plainly speaking

connecting lovers delight


converging thoughts often clashing so desirous

moving in the riptide of encounters seen

sequencing in the worthy times covering anew

connecting in the life coexistence


Poem # 14


Populist rules seen

known coverage of human activity

seen in the colors of norm

ways of human culture

marvels of human desires

still populist decision makers clashing at times


quarantine life existing

due to the epidemic of a corona virus

movement for order in the addressing a health concern

populist perspective based on scientific basis engraving

orders set for norm to be contained

life edges manifesting in the desire of human flesh


endangering yet developing for new solutions

possibility unending seen in the life edges

cornering time seen to marvel anew


Poem # 13

cornering timing

the coveted corners

seen always the driftwood

much said in the life quarantine

often Technicalities   of all sorts


simply connectivity often questions

assailing the spirit to recover

much said much to do

much said much to do


coverage of human development

seen in the hallway for future stories

realizing in the human endeavors engraving

truly a trusted movement for human coverage


Poem # 12


weary spirit in Aegean Age

weary soul in the time of pandemic

clashing conflicts in the reaching grounds

vulnerabilities in the risk for contamination

corona-virus of the haven ward quarantine


the spirit moved in the heavenward seen

much have been said in the news dailies

moving much the psyche within encouraging anew

seen to overcome and seen to the ” new normal”


lock downs seen to abate the call

seen much for the deepen encounter

simply followed by abiding citizenry

much said let’s do more to life bridges

Poem #11

coveted spirit

the passion of human spirit

desirous in every engagement

manifesting in every action

with its given reaction


covering anew in the help of anther

renewing the life coverage

clarity of known encounters

innermost corners of human philosophy


sharing in the life stories

togetherness enriching anew

converging in the spin of manifested wants

assigning  the needs for new spirit queries


Poem #10

freedom wall

the renewed feeling for freedom

deepens in the cascading reality

marvel of spirit engaging in the haven for new dawn

seen in the spirit covered


gearing the pavement for questioning endlessly

whispering from the soul collect

much have been said in the news

point of order where is real an order

order must restored to see the clarity of human existence


Poem # 09

tremors of new movement

Across the miles of new beginning

challenges in the pavement of ardent desires

the tremors of conflict in the pavement of new question

carving in the discussion for future notion

movement for new leadership

clarity in the addresses for the spirit covered

seen in the news today arriving for new coexistence

consistency seen in the blockade for future reference deepening


Poem # 08

longevity of tremors

gathered soul delighted

ensuring life challenges

serenading the spirit to deep

worthy causes seen in the marveling seen


polarity of known nomenclatures

desire of covered spirit endangered ideology

clashing at times covering the hype delighted

tripping in the human spirit coverage


distant corners of  known quarantine

freeing the spirit to revitalize

shipping out the desire of human flesh

ardent movement seen in haven ward cornerstone


life often surprises anew


Poem # 07

polarity of characters

conflict of interest

freedom sought

deepens in the core being

seen in the life echoes


edge out realization

forming into transforming

cornering and endangering anew

greener pastures new bridges seen


coloring in the shield of light exchanges

seen in the haven for cornerstone building

delighted movers seen in movement of humanity


Poem # 06


delighted partaking

tremors of new religion

moving the psyche of new realm

coloring the world in the pavement of endangered marveling

bridge of exchanges clarity marvelous manifesting



freedom of new heaven

delighted partaking

marvelous serenading

rendering in the path for new formalities


clarity unveiled anew

colorants of rainbow delighted refreshing up


Poem #05