A life exchanges


Eager listening to hums of cold wind

Winding road of new adventure

Leisure of new tomorrow

Cascading reality of new possibility

Rendering in the core of an existence

Freeing elements of known hearting

Experience of a lifetime

Musing away in clear grass

Fitting element of new movement

Engaging life much adventurism

A facade in the wings of love

Evolving dove fulfillment


Prompt # 9 Hour # 7

3:40  AM PHT 23/06/2019

too tired


Totally tired of everything

Missing the time

Clashing thoughts

Need to unwind

Suffocating feeling

So alone

So alone

So alone

Lingering thoughts of vanishing

Clearing out

Too tired

Really tired

Beyond exhaustion

Feeling lock down

Too locked away

Set me free

Let go of me

Set me free

Let go of me


Prompt # 8 Hour # 06

2:00 AM PHT 23/06/2019


A Thought in my head




Dimly lit

Total darkness

Can get out of it

Still in the vagueness of things

Moving away from thoughts

Lingering on my mind

Hang on you can do it

Embracing it

Just suffocating on it

Still a small space to be in

Taking the pace

Trying to get out

Still a thought mere thought

No just a thought

Feeling enclosed

So enclosed

Just a thought

A thought


Prompt # 7 Hour # 06

2:00 AM PHT 23/06/2019



Consuming fire across the hall

Burning papers everywhere

Turbulent heat feeling around the room

Fumes of old gas as if I am gasping for more breathe

Trying to escape from this imminent madness of fire

Walls falling down and top of the roof falling apart

Flames everywhere

Fumes smells

Wrecking sound of falling debris

Where am I going to

Time in its passage

Ought to do

Get out of the place really fast

Still am I alive

Really alive




Prompt # 6 Hour # 05

1:00 AM PHT 23/06/2019


A Journey

Indulging a fruit of the earth

Marvelous ways of latent judgement

Colossal task lies ahead in short span of time

Till the fulfillment of its duty consummates

Enriching the life of the universe

Far out and near sight grasping each moment

Gliding thru life journey

Forever reverberations of a spirit shared

In the universe of coexistence, a plain sight to zoom

Gliding thru life journey

A simple remembrance as life emulates

In the simple journeys serenading a butterfly in its understanding

A reminder to life journey short but meaningfully documented


Prompt # 5 Hour # 04

12:00 AM PHT 23/06/2019



A marvelous soul enjoyment



I write what marvels my soul

Delightful encounters of my own being shared

In the poetical expression of each flavors like fruits

Luminescence of insects marvels my soul

Engaging much to enjoyable phases

Truly illuminating the pleasure of simple person desires

Totally an engagement to marvel about the life ‘s stories

Communing in the communication of poetical artisan

Sharing the world in fast paced reality

Taking a break from its wonderment and merriment

What then life today meant for me?

A question with a simple answer to any person

Just simply doing it and realizing it

Life connectors of marvelous happenstances

Enlivening the tapestry of life universe

A realized person captivating into an existence


Prompt # 4 Hour # 03

11:00 PM PHT 22/06/2019

Scenic Night of Asian moonlighting


Cold night scenic dark enveloping

Witnessing how world turns

In its daytime or nighttime

Thrills of each passage

Making sense of listening

Listening the dead silence

Snoring of people surroundings

Epic madness of thoughts lingers

Marveling in its passages

Thriller skyline of my own being sparkles

Darkness of sight seeks beyond what it seems

Changes surely in the next phase of another day


Prompt # 3 Hour # 03

11:00 PM PHT 22/06/2019

Dealing with old religion

Time on its plain sight

Expanding and Extinguishing

Stirring space across the land and the sky

Marvelous encounters of wizard’s tale

Potions made and counter spells uttered

Stirring to a witness to be astonished

Heart rending tales of old sparkles anew

Legends of old are immortalized

Since the time of its memorial

Wizardry of old religion reminisces

Calling on till the end of time

Myths or realities

Marvels the universe of humanity

How and why of things transpiring

Emulating and elating humankind

A feat of an old religion prevails in its antiquity


Prompt # 2 Hour # 02

10:00 PM PHT 22/06/2019

A Life is


To look to the sky and beyond

To likened myself to its end

Finding solace in its meaning

So, I can justify the interval of life echoes

Pondering why and how of things

Reasonability of known course of humanity

What life may contain in its epoch

Pointing into the direction of life chapters

Seeing and listening in the life challenges

Seeing beyond the test of time

Life is what may seem but it does not

Wondering and pondering in its easement of understanding

Still it is new pavement of living quartets in a song

Life echoes immensely


Prompt # 1 Hour # 01

9:00 PM PHT 22/06/2019







Un-Define Loves

Un-Define Loves

Light midst dark past hedges
Call of the wind howling
To create a lasting space
Echoes in unimultiverses cascading

To extract meaning to life coexistence
To correlate as ripple of soul connection
To deepen further in every possibility
To dug out the core of understanding

To garner the August hall of poem created
To let out in the catalyst of springtime
To reach out unto new depth of a soul
To heighten the nature of every year pulsating

To pursue possibility how the longing of a soul
Harnessing the universal call of loving
Edging the heart of a soul exchanging
Exuding soul engagement the “us ”

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